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Gabrielle Martinovich

Freelance writer

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Passionate about enticing readers to head out for a dose of adventure before they hit snooze on their smartphone, I write about most things including lifestyle, business and sustainability.

The Bread & Butter Project
Sydney's best bakery delights

For a foodie like me, my local neighbourhood offers a thriving café scene, bustling markets and gourmet artisans among the local food culture. So, if you're not one for turning out the perfect sourdough at home, there's no need to keep looking for a magic foolproof recipe.

Sydney, Australia: A three-day guide

They say you can't go past the Opera House for its architectural mastery or scale the heights of the Harbour Bridge for a 360-degree glimpse of the harbour, yet it is what's behind these iconic sights that truly delivers the essential Sydney experience.

You're the Voice

The wellbeing benefits of singing for people with dementia

Desirable Spaces is No Longer Defined by Nation, but Resilient Cities - INDVSTRVS

With over 70 per cent of the world's population predicted to live in city centres by 2050, we chat with 100 Resilient Cities Regional Director of Asia Pacific Lauren Sorkin and other urban planning leaders in Australia on how CBD hubs globally can better manage challenges that arise from over-development

The Sydney Morning Herald
How a minimalist detox could get you ready for a better Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, Amazon's entry into the Australian market and the Boxing Day sales on their way, it's a shopaholic's trifecta. But before I got click-happy with my credit card, I decided to test my ability to resist the lure of festive shopping.

The Modern Workplace as Incubator for Collaboration & Creativity - INDVSTRVS

In this disruptive age of complex, multidimensional problems it's no longer business as usual. Modern workplaces are shaking up how we work. No longer the domain of the 9 to 5, the new modern workplace doesn't involve sitting at a desk pushing out emails and reports going nowhere.

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