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Exploring Disenfranchised Grief (With Examples) | LoveToKnow

Disenfranchised grief occurs when your reaction to a loss or death is not widely accepted or allowed on a societal or cultural level based on norms and values. Disenfranchised grief can be self-directed, relationally imposed, as well as culturally pressured based on specific norms and values surrounding grief and loss.

Types of Family Therapy: Pros & Cons of Common Techniques | LoveToKnow

Family therapy is a form of counseling intended for families who may be struggling with a variety of concerns affecting the family unit. While there are many types of family therapy techniques to choose from, keep in mind one of the most important factors in therapy is finding a therapist who the entire family is able to build rapport with.

What Does Healthy Attachment Look Like?

If your children have a healthy bond with you, they feel safe enough to explore their surroundings freely, while you act as a "safe base" for them to come back to if they feel uncertain or scared. Your child can rely on you to be there for them no matter what the circumstance.

How to Stay Grounded When Your Toddler Unknowingly Triggers You

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and a new mama, I've had personal and professional experience working through the challenges that come with parenting a toddler. In my professional capacity, I often worked with parents who grew up in unhealthy households and are now trying to navigate the ups and downs of raising their own family.

The 12 Simple Ways My Family Has Prioritized Sustainable Living

My husband and I didn't always prioritize living a green lifestyle, but something changed once we started volunteering at an all species rescue, Ferdinand's Familia. There we learned about animal welfare and the impact that farming can have on our environment. Volunteering snowballed into researching other ways we could live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Relationships and Compatibility With ENFJ | LoveToKnow

Taking a deeper look into your Myers-Briggs personality traits can help you better understand yourself, your personal goals, and your relational aspirations. Having strong insight into your thoughts and behaviors can also improve and strengthen your relationships. ENFJ stands for extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging.

Pros and Cons of Birthing Centers | LoveToKnow

Choosing whether to give birth at a birthing center is a deeply personal decision and you may find it difficult to figure out what's best for you and your growing little one. Understanding the philosophy behind birthing centers can help you decide if this path is best for you.

Depression and Social Anxiety | LoveToKnow

Social anxiety and depression are mental health disorders that commonly co-occur. Social anxiety and depression each play a role in intensifying the other, but keep in mind there are several treatment options that can help those experiencing these symptoms cope in healthy ways.

10 Signs of Depression | LoveToKnow

Experiencing symptoms of depression can be incredibly debilitating and can negatively impact your quality of life. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of depression, know that there are tons of helpful resources and treatments available that can help reduce uncomfortable symptoms. Depression can be sparked by a stressful life event, past trauma that is resurfacing, and/or a combination of genetic factors.

How Natural Pregnancy Mentors Support Mothers | LoveToKnow

A natural pregnancy mentor provides spiritual and emotional support during your pregnancy, but is not present during the birth of your child. They can be used in addition to doulas and midwives as part of your pregnancy support team.