Gabriela Lorraine Herstik

Journalist and Blogger

Latina Culture Writer at HelloGiggles. Writer with a penchant for occult, fashion and lifestyle pieces with a witchy or feminist twist.
Her work has been published by Nylon, Broadly, i-D, Fashionista, Refinery29, Complex, The Numinous, The Hoodwitch, and more.

United States of America


Deux Hommes


IIn a sea of monochrome and neutral heavy collections sits Lucio Castro. Without skipping a beat, the Fall Winter 2015 collection presented at New York Fashion Week starts off...

The Fashion Law

Designer Series: Gosha Rubchinskiy

Gosha Rubchinskiy repeated has been given situated in the ranks of the future of Russian fashion (along with a handful of other independent designers) and with good reason....

The Fashion Law

Designer Series: Melitta Baumeister

Melitta Baumeister, who earned her MA in fashion from Parsons: The New School for Design last fall, is helping to jump-start a fashion revolution. The 27-year-old German-born,...

The Fashion Law

Designer Spotlight: Teruhiro Hasegawa

Teruhiro Hasegawa's sculptured aesthetic has been drawing increased attention from the fashion world since he showed his graduate collection at London Fashion Week this past...

United Colors of Fashion

Icon of the Week: Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Van Furstenberg has been a tidal wave of power in the fashion world since 1972. Diane has always believed in the human spirit and the innate ability that women have to...

United Colors of Fashion


There are leaders in the fashion industry who are pioneers in their respective fields as well as innovators in the hybrid field of fashion and philanthropy; Donna Karan is one...

Breathing Fashion

The Chariot

I don't believe in cosmic coincidence. I don't believe that things just happen; that which feeds our soul, those people who impact our lives, the moments where we stop and...

United Colors of Fashion

Midi Dreams

It is said that fashion always ends in excess. The era of the micro mini has come and gone, and its older sibling the maxi, has seen its 15 minutes of fame as well. This season...

MOD Magazine

The Fuzzy Sweater Solution

There's something compelling about shopping for a sweater that looks just as good on as it feels. There's a sweet satisfaction that comes with knowing you can feel like a cotton...

Breathing Fashion

The Magician

There's a certain power that arises when you tap into your own intuition, into your own spirit, and declare to the universe that YOU are the one in charge of your own...

The Fashion Law

Designer Series: Bobby Abley

Bobby Abley is shaping the way we think of menswear. The street style epidemic is well underway in taking over the runways and Abley's collections are certainly a guiding force.

The Fashion Law


For the third season in a row, NYC-based digital media platform, VFILES, is preparing to stage its MADE FASHION show. VFILES, which sources its talent via a global...

The Fashion Law

Designer Series: Phoebe English

The English have a sort of sensibility and understanding about how to present themselves that is both effortless and unparalleled. Perhaps that is why Phoebe English, an MA...