Gabe McGrath

Freelance writer

Need a copywriter who 'gets' your brand and your customers?
A freelancer who hooks those readers in?
Someone to ghostwrite articles for your company blog or facebook page?
Or write a professional Wikipedia article about yourself, your business or organisation?

For an ASAP response, email: [email protected]

My features have appeared in outlets such as The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Jetstar magazine, Essential,, Retro Gamer (UK), and

My essay 'Another 4 minutes of non-stop commercials' was featured alongside pieces by Alice Pung and John Birmingham in the 2013 Emerging Writer Book.

For 16 years, I've written radio commercials for businesses & non-profit organisations that grab attention, trigger emotions & generate results.

You can read the *full* articles in my portfolio, by clicking on the *headline* of each piece.


How to make your child's laptop kid-proof
By Gabe McGrath You're about to buy your child a BYOD laptop. Or maybe you've bought one already. Either way, you're wondering how these high-tech devices can survive your...
First time dads: What to expect at the birth
I've done a fair few content marketing articles for Bupa's "The Blue Room", and this is one for those men about to become fathers for the first time.


Dads flex to success
Reid Johnson is a director of a customer services unit. You might easily picture him in meeting after meeting each Friday, or chained to his desk. But the team he works with...
Merewether 2291
My debut in Jetstar magazine - giving a local's tips on the Novocastrian suburb with one of Australia's most spectacular beaches.
Don't ask forgiveness, seek permission [$]
You're writing a book. You want a photograph for the cover, a poetry quote or line from a pop song to enhance a scene... Is it legal? How do you get permission? These...
Must-have apps for your smartphone
Apps put the 'smart' in smartphones. They're little programs that cover entertainment, communication, fitness and health and are also great at organising your life! They can be...
Storm in the Hunter
June 2007... Newcastle, Australia is devastated by a 1-in-100 year storm and flooding. This intricate 2 part story follows a number of residents, for 48 hours they won't...
How to cope when you're getting a divorce
Perhaps you were the instigator, after years of thought. Or your partner announced it, out of the blue. Maybe you decided together that things just weren't working. The fact is,...


20 terrific kids books you didn't grow up with
One of the great joys of parenting is the chance to finally read our favourite childhood books to our own kids. But what about more recent children’s books? Here’s a list...
Purple Day: 16-year-old girl raises epilepsy awareness - Kidspot
Almost 1 in every 200 Australian children have epilepsy. What would it mean if your child or one of their friends was diagnosed? Would they occasionally fall to the ground, in...
When you hope for a bad diagnosis
A first-hand account of a difficult 18 months - as our son battled a multitude of health issues and went through numerous tests and procedures.
Drawing - it's just a bit of fun, isn't it?
A 1000 word article distilling a huge amount of academic information into something appropriate for parents from a variety of backgrounds. Research included email interviews...
Are you game?
A 2300 word article including quotes from professionals, opinions from industry representatives and case studies from parents. Also included were a hardware buyers guide, a...
GeekDad time travels with a 30-year-old cassette
I was one of the guest 'Geekdad' bloggers on the website. My debut post made a splash; picked up by Wired's U.S. site, then The Tom Dunne morning show - leading to...


Why you must play: Power Drift
Retro Gamer magazine's "Why you must play" series showcases classic - but overlooked - arcade/coin-operated games with amazing detail. Each piece features detailed reviews...
Fighter Captured - The Galaga Phil story
A huge online feature telling the story of Phil Day, the Australian who won - and lost - and won again the Galaga world record, despite being blind in one eye.

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