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Freddie Roberts


Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a journalist, currently working as a reporter for online technology publication, Internet of Business.

I write about the B2B and B2C technologies that make up the Internet of Things, and uncover how they affect businesses.

My focus is currently on: artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, Blockchain, and IoT.

Prior to this, I spent three years as a public relations consultant, working alongside B2B corporate and technology clients.

Internet of Business
Can the UK government do more to drive IoT growth?

Long read - The UK Government is typically slow to embrace new technology, with some now questioning if there's more Whitehall can do to drive IoT governance, standardization and overall end-user adoption. IoB investigates.

Internet of Business
Blockchain: The ultimate game-changer for IoT security?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a problem: security. Is Blockchain the answer to all its woes? IoT has burst onto the tech scene in recent years and continues to grow in both value and adoption at a rapid rate. It's a technological concept that spans every single vertical market, creating both opportunity and disruption along the way.

Internet of Business
US start-up introduces AI that talks our language

San Francisco-based start-up,, has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that supports continuous conversation with a bot via natural language understanding. The platform, known as MyPolly, allows developers, users, businesses or consumers to build their own chatbot that will not just answer 'yes' or 'no' questions, but will learn from and respond naturally to human conversation.

Internet of Business
MongoDB powers VisionTrack IoT video telematics platform to improve driver safety

Automotive telematics provider VisionTrack has created an IoT video telemetry platform using a MongoDB non-relational (NoSQL) database. The company's cloud-based, device-agnostic solution, known as VT2000, is designed for companies managing large fleets. The aim is to give them near real-time monitoring of vehicles and driver behaviour to improve safety.

Internet of Business
O2 Drive(s) down motor insurance premiums with latest IoT offering

Mobile network operator (MNO) O2 claims to be the first mobile company in the UK to offer car insurance with the launch of its IoT-based monitoring service, O2 Drive. Alongside O2 Drive, the MNO has released a telematics proposition know as Box on Board, which was built with the assistance of Junction, insurance provider BGL Group's brand partnership arm.

Internet of Business
Online-only retailer Ocado trials robotic arm to speed up orders

British online-only supermarket, Ocado, is trialing the use of robotic arms in its automated warehouses for the picking and packing of shopping orders. The retailer released a video this week showing a soft robotic hand that can pick fruit and vegetables without damaging them, and announced plans to test the technology in more complex scenarios, with different objects, in the coming months.

Internet of Business
IoT in banking? I'll stick with my mainframe, thanks

The prospect of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in banking may have received a lot of hype, but it remains a distant dream for many banks who are still just trying to keep the lights on. LONDON, UK - At our Internet of Banking conference last week, this speculation was in full affect.

Internet of Business
HPE acquires behavioral analytics firm Niara to better detect IoT threats

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Aruba has this week acquired behavioral analytics firm, Niara, to help businesses detect and prevent cyber-attacks on IoT devices used in the workplace. Niara provides a solution that employs machine learning and big data analytics to discover advanced cyber threats that have breached perimeter defenses, such as firewalls.

Internet of Business
CES 2017: AI smart assistants line up to do battle with Amazon's Echo

The great battle of the AI smart assistants is gearing up nicely as Lenovo, Mayfield Robotics and Emotech launched new products at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The Amazon Echo is not a new product, but since its launch at the end of 2014 sales have more than doubled, particularly following the recent festive period.

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