Fraser Tye

Freelance Copywriter and Journalist

Location icon Australian (based in NYC)

I write content for brands and publications on issues ranging from bicycles to foreign policy.

I have an MA in Journalism and write concise, evocative copy for your product, service, event or issue.

Whether it's building SEO or a better brand, words are my tools to craft your content.

Papillionaire Bicycles
Top 5 Bike Rides in the World

Where the car can be too fast and two feet too slow, the bicycle offers a perfectly paced perspective to travel through a landscape. Here are five mesmerising landscapes for two-wheeling wonderment.

Papillionaire Bicycles
Cruiser Bike | Beach Cruiser | Mosey

The Mosey is a fashionable take on the modern beach cruiser that is comfortably crafted to you glide over a boardwalk and into the setting sun.

Flaunt Magazine
Soul Clap

Over the past decade much has been made of the meteoric revival of disco and funk. A few years ago The Guardian called it, "...a second golden era of disco." Whilst many DJs and producers have embraced its renaissance, few have done so with the unwavering persistence of Soul Clap.

Two years on from the Ferguson riots

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." - Sherlock Holmes

Urban Walkabout
An Insider's Look at Love Supreme, Paddington

Urban Walkabout staffer Fraser Tye trawls the streets of Sydney and shares his insider’s take on the pizza institution, Love Supreme, a place where he once worked – and importantly, it’s enigmatic owner, Bosko Vujovic.

It's not just greyhound trainers

Australians were shocked to discover cruel practices in the greyhound industry and in slaughterhouses in Indonesia. But what about looking a little closer to home? Freelance writer Fraser Tye reports. The horrific live-baiting scandal exposed by ABC's Four Corners sent shockwaves through the greyhound industry and around the country.

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