Frances Quinn

Award-winning freelance journalist writing for magazines and newspapers

After working in women's magazines for over ten years, I've freelanced for She, Prima, Woman's Weekly, Ideal Home, Your Home and Waitrose Weekend, among others.

Woman's Weekly
Why are men so weird about their hair?

From dodgy dye jobs to the cringe-making comb over, men do some very strange things to hold on to the hair of their youth. Frances Quinn thinks someone should tell them not to bother

Woman's Weekly
We've both been given a second chance

As right-to-die campaigner Diane Pretty fought to change the law, her husband Brian was constantly by her side, continuing her battle even after her death. Now Brian's found new love - but he's fighting on

Woman's Weekly
Are we hooked on grief?

From the outpourings of sadness for Madeleine McCann to flowers at accident sites, public displays of grief for people we don't know have become a regular feature of British life. Frances Quinn asks why - and what it says about us

House Beautiful
Is your home easy pickings?

Want to know how to beat burglars? Frances Quinn finds out - from someone who used to be one

Home & Country
Bearing Witness

How science is fighting back against crime

Thomas Cook magazine
It's good to talk

Want to see the real America in all its tacky, wacky splendour? Frances Quinn did, and found herself in a TV talkshow audience - trying not to be too British

The fertility problem you least expect

You've got one child, so having another should be easy, right? Sadly secondary infertility is a common yet little-known problem that can destroy couples' dreams

Woman's Weekly
Blow the kids, let's spend it!

A new survey says today's 49-55 year olds are the 'Golden Generation' - no more sipping Horlicks and squirrelling away money to leave to the kids, they're determined to spend it on themselves

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