frannie lamberti

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

I took this class because my brother has been in the school newspaper for three years. Journalism helped me know the basics of writing in a newspaper, how to make designs, and interviewing a subject. I want to join newspaper in the future because it seems like a great way to make new friends and be apart of something. I liked the class a lot because I learned so much and used so many new things on the computer. When I join newspaper I hope to improve my writing and making a good story out of an interview.


Journalism Basics

Journalism Basics
Shattered Glass, Law and Ethics, and First Amendment Quiz

Shattered Glass was a movie about a good writer who made some of his stories up just to get publicity. The movie was a great example of what not to do when writing for a newspaper or certain company. Even if you are a talented writer that knows how to appeal a reader, you have to follow the ethics and morals of being a writer. Law and Ethics talks about the morals and rules you should have as a writer. When it comes to writing you should know what to and what not to include in a something...

Journalism Basics
AP Style Quiz and Newsworthiness

AP Style Quiz's were easy and I always got 100 percent. Even though it would take me two or three tries I would end up having learned the material. For the newsworthiness project it was really important because you need to know what type of stories you can publish. You can't take anything too far or make anything boring. The story has to be worthy but also appropriate when it comes to morals.


Headlines, Using Quotes, Leads, and Hacker Story

Writing headlines and teasers are somewhat hard for me. Writing straight forward things are easy but coming up with something clever and not trying to reuse words is harder for me. It was good practice for writing later on. Using quotes is easy when you have direct information. Using quotes gives the reader facts and credible information when it comes directly from a (credible) source. Quotes help a lot when you write something about a specific person or thing. Leads was kind of hard...

1 in 1600 Story and Design

Writing about Noma was really fun and interesting. I like interviewing people and seeing the way they think about things. Designing and using templates is also really fun because you get to put the story you made and the pictures you took into it to make it your own.

News Story and News Design

Writing my first news story was fun and interesting. It was cool learning about InDesign and learning how to but things in a certain format.


Dissecting Design and Typography, Typography, and Pathfinder

Finding the different types of typography was really cool and they showed good examples of what do to or use when making your own. Making my own typography was one of my favorite projects. I love making things my own and coming up with new ideas to make things creative. I loved making the quote and the flyer. Using Pathfinder was kind of hard for me because I had never used it before. Designing is not my strong suit but I still thought it was really cool.


Making the infographic was kind of difficult but I managed to make it work. I made a survey to see what math freshman took and only 10 people took it which is fine, I just wish I got more information. It was hard to make so many different designs and infographics when I had very little information.

Pancake Perfection

The Pancake Perfection was a good way to learn the basics of designing and using InDesign. It was kind of hard but the directions were very clear and easy to follow.


1 in 1600 Slideshow and Promos

Making the promos was kind of confusing and difficult because I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Making the slideshow was lots of fun even though it was difficult. Making and editing the audio was really interesting. I had never used garage band or iMovie before so that was cool learning how to use those.