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Sturgill Simpson Rocks The Fillmore

On a seasonably cool night in Fishtown, the atmosphere was anything but inside The Fillmore, where fans packed like sardines for an up close and personal experience with Sturgill Simpson.
Philadelphia Flower Show: Highlights from Opening Weekend

Whoever said Holland had the happiest people in the world has clearly never been to the City of Brotherly Love. 2017's Edition of the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show kicked off this past Saturday at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, welcoming thousands of patrons. This year's theme, "Holland: Flow
Local Artist Spotlight: Meet Jay & Iris

It's the middle of the day, and the line at La Columbe on Frankford is out the door. Suit-clad colleagues chat over lunch, faces glued to the faces of laptops type away, local Temple students study for finals, mothers with strollers and dog-walkers and construction workers all convene here. Every
Chicano Batman at The Foundry

If you didn't know any better, you might've thought you were watching a worm wearing a wig wriggle around on stage Saturday night at The Foundry. Rather, it was the equally entertaining Bardo Martinez, frontman of Chicano Batman.
SEPTA Strike: Week 1 Update

On the fifth day of the SEPTA strike, the city of Philadelphia collectively holds its breath. Five days with no city buses, no trolleys and no subways. Most pray for a resolution as we head to the weekend, and while it's likely the Union do as well, that doesn't mean they won't hold their ground.
Philly DA Indictment: Everything You Need to Know

Philadelphia made national headlines this week, albeit for the wrong reasons. District of Attorney Seth Williams was indicted Tuesday on nearly two dozen counts of bribery, extortion and fraud. Williams, a Philadelphia native, took office in January in 2010 as the city's first African-American di

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Express Yourself: Silkscreen

Somewhere along the way, possessing works of art as a form of self expression took a backseat to simple decor, what might just look 'nice' or a piece big enough to cover up that hole you kicked in the wall a few years back.

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Issues in College Education

At the last months’ annual White House correspondents’ dinner, President Obama noted that despite all the gridlock in Washington, his approval rating keeps going up “The last time I was this high, I was trying to decide my major,” the president quipped. He ended up choosing political science, which seems to have panned out. But his story started with choosing the right major. Twenty years from now, how many of today’s college students will be able to say they chose right too? If an...

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Great Garden State Summer Craft Beer

We haven't lost our passion for PBR. Rather, we've gained an appreciation of the artistry involved in brewing. Today's beer drinker wants to experiment, as does the modern brewmaster.

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Dating landscape experiences major changes

Imagine sitting in a 1960s high school cafeteria, peering desperately at a girl you've been dying to talk to, sitting a few tables away. You don't have her number to text her and break the ice - you've got no phone in your pocket to do so in the first place.

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Piccolo Pronto brings pizza to Campus Town

More than 40 million Americans will indulge in a slice of pizza on any given day, according to BBC. Despite the staggering number of domestic pizza lovers, the more surprising statistic may be the number of places you could score a savory, non-Sodexo slice at the College as recently as last semester: zero.

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LeaderShape pushes students out of comfort zone

How you spend the time between the fall and spring semesters is completely up to you. Most students at the College probably did one of three things: gained some experience interning, caught up on credits with a winter class or binge-watched Netflix's new series, "Making a Murder."

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Communication troubles in a distant, digital age

This semester's inaugural lecture of the College's Brown Bag Series proved to be an enthralling event, as the guest speaker addressed an increasingly relevant topic of discussion - the dependency we now have on computer-mediated mediums for interpersonal communication. Andrew C.

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Choosing Your Chesterfield

Chesterfields have recently enjoyed a return to prominence, and their revitalization is no mistake. They're back in a big way, with designers far and wide eagerly putting their own twist on this traditional piece. The Chesterfield sofa is classy without looking like an antique, comfortable without emanating sloppy character and versatile without being bland.

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Swine & Brine: The World's Greatest Pork Chops

Maybe pork chops are the forgotten favorite of barbeques nationwide because they're so damn hard to cook. If you're anything like us, you had more tough and tasteless pork chops than ones you actually enjoyed. A well prepared pork chop promises full, juicy flavor that'll smack you in the face.

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