Francis S. Hallinan Esq.

Attorney at Law

Location icon United States of America

Attorney Francis S. Hallinan is a partner of Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, LLP, a law firm located in Philadelphia, PA. As a lawyer, Mr. Hallinan specializes in real estate, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and loan modification. Known for his many charitable events and philanthropic spirit, Francis S Hallinan is often found donating his time to various charities throughout the region. For more information about Mr. Hallinan, please visit the link below.

Francis S. Hallinan Ratings for Cigars

Francis S. Hallinan's personal rating system provides true cigar aficionados with a measurable insight into the differences in a wide range of products in respective categories. Because the ranking system relies on the inherent differences between a luxury, daily or relaxing stogie, readers receive expert analyses about cigars.

Francis S. Hallinan and Arrested Development

If you ask TV fan Francis S. Hallinan, there are many things that he appreciates in life and good programming is one of them. As a show, Arrested Development is a funny look at the mishaps and dealings of a skewed family of struggling real estate "moguls," the Bluths, whose lifestyle exceeds their ability to support it.

Let Professionals like Francis S. Hallinan Arrest your Attention

Professionals, especially lawyers, can lead exciting lives as they represent their clients. The legal profession is full of twists and turns, and publications by such individuals can be excellent reading for a variety of audiences. Whether readers are aspiring lawyers or a CSI buffs, it's easy for lawyers like Francis S.

It's No Scam: Francis S. Hallinan and the Best Golf Gear

When it comes to golfing, you want the best gear. Francis S. Hallinan won't fall for scams and neither should you. Hallinan, a Philadelphia lawyer and avid golfer, takes the game seriously. However, he isn't one to divulge what kind of equipment he prefers to use.