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Frances is a 17 year old resident of Manila, Philippines. In her leisure, she likes to engage in various writing activities (like being a correspondent for Candy Magazine's website-- in 2015) as well as a contribute content for other leading titles. She is an avid lover of the arts; be it may visual, performing, or written, she is always on the lookout for all things that can ignite a fire in her soul. If her hands aren't styling an outfit akin to Rihanna they're meddling with a hot glue gun for one of her many DIY projects.


The world has always told us to walk away from whatever doesn't make us happy. But what do you do if the thing that makes your heart beat erratically, is the same thing that breaks it into a hundred pieces?
10 Summer-Themed Restaurants and Cafes To Try

School's out, Candy Girls! So what better way to celebrate a year of endless deadlines, impossible due dates, and ridiculous clutch cramming sessions, than with a hearty meal or two at the cutest cafes and restaurants that just scream summertime? Truth be told, beach trips are little on the pricey side now that everyone's looking to book a summer getaway.

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To My Ex's Best Friend-Make Sure The Next Girl Treats Him Right

Four months ago, I wouldn't have to be writing this on my phone at the back of a cramped train going to the upper east side. (A place, among many others, that we'll never get to go together.) In fact, four months ago I wouldn't have to be writing this at all.
Why You Can Be Girly and a Geek At The Same Time

IMAGE Mark Jesalva ART Clare Magno There are many things in the world that I don't understand. Math, for example, is and will always remain as a perpetual mystery that I'm not even sure I have enough willpower (or sanity) to solve.

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