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Fran Aller Goldstein

Communications Professional

Location icon United States

I am a seasoned communications professional with expertise in corporate communications, publications management, non-profit business development and project management. As a respected team leader and advisor, I consistently deliver superior customer service and high quality results.

I’m especially interested in opportunities to make a positive impact on our communities and passionate about protecting our environment and wildlife and improving the lives of children.

• Communications Strategies & Campaigns • Program/Project Management • Event Planning • Executive Communications & Speechwriting • Creative Team Leadership • Nonprofit Management • Editorial

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Corporate Communications
American Express Company Employee Communications

During a long career at American Express Company, I developed and implemented strategies and programs that communicated the company's vision, goals, performance and values to employees, board of directors and shareholders. Highlights include: addressing issues such as reengineering, reorganizations, compliance and product launches, as well as change and crisis communications; and creating multimedia programs to communicate the company's brand and values and to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

Reshaping the Organization

As a lead writer of speeches and other communications for American Express Company's CEO and other senior executives, I covered topics ranging from business strategy and performance to leadership and employee motivation. This one describes the relationship between reengineering and organizational change.

Annual Report
American Express Company

I authored the Chairman’s Letter for the 2001 American Express Annual Report addressing the post-9/11 employee emotional and physical trauma, and the economic downturn.

Educational Content
Testing Mom

Working with a successful online test prep and skill building company, I researched and wrote content for first/second grade educational flash cards.

Nonprofit Fundraising

As a consultant for The Vision of Children Foundation, I provided general communications services, including fundraising, marketing, public relations, newsletter, speech writing and website content development. I also created the Vision Hero Program, which uses videos and blogs to honor young people who have overcome their vision challenges and are living extraordinary lives.

Bill Clinton in California: "Do we Want a Wall? Not on your Life!"

"Hillary will help us all rise," the former President tells a diverse group of attendees. By Fran Goldstein May 21, Chula Vista-Hillary Clinton has the best ideas for leading the country forward, former President Bill Clinton told an enthusiastic crowd in Chula Vista, California. "We need a doer and a change maker, and there's only ...

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