Florence Buswell

Content designer

I am a freelance content producer, content designer & blogger.

I have more than ten years’ experience writing data-led and insight-driven content across a wide range of formats. These include blogs, online articles, tools, and interactive content such as infographics, quizzes and video content.

I have written for John Lewis & Partners, Lloyds Banking Group, Citizens Advice, Huffington Post, Expedia, Money Advice Service, Shell, Mastercard, Barclaycard, BBC, Which?, UCAS, Rightmove and Relate among others.

My interests lie in Behavioural Economics and how minor changes in language can alter how customers react to your brand and their propensity to interact with you. This has shaped my writing career and interest in content design that allows content to influence the end-to-end design of a product, from user research to ongoing edits and user testing.

Below is a selection of examples of my work. Please contact me for commissions or further information at [email protected]


John Lewis & Partners

Find a Tradesperson with John Lewis Home Solutions

Find and book approved tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, decorators, gardeners, plasterers and many more. All verified by John Lewis' 5-Step process and work includes a 12-Month workmanship guarantee from John Lewis.

Citizens Advice

What happens to your home when you separate

If you live with your partner, you'll need to decide what to do about your home when you separate. Your options depends whether you're unmarried, or married or in a civil partnership, and whether you rent or have a mortgage.

If your ex-partner is trying to make you leave

If you live with your ex-partner and the relationship ends, you'll usually have the right to stay in the home if you're: married or in a civil partnership named on the title deeds or tenancy agreement You should work out what to do with the home you shared with your ex-partner.

Ending a relationship

Find out how to end a relationship and sort out things like money, children and your home.



Finder UK
Compare the best Avios credit cards for September 2019 | finder UK

Avios is a frequent flyer scheme, where you earn points towards the cost of a flight as you spend. You can earn points through flying, spending with Avios partner brands or converting points from other programmes (such as Tesco Clubcard points (at the time of writing, you get 600 Avios points for every £2.50 in Clubcard points you exchange).

Money Advice Service and clients

Your Money Advice
My 94 year old gran's money tips for you

My grandmother is an exceptional woman. At nearly 94 years old, she has been married twice, has three daughters (one of which is my mother), and countless grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She still lives in the same house she has since 1957, and can text like a maestro.

Your Money Advice
Video: Inside Thrifty Lesley's waste-free kitchen

What are the real money-saving secrets people who are truly frugal know? Pinching their tips and tricks could really help you put money back into your pocket. We asked food blogger Thrifty Lesley, who practises everything she preaches, for the ideas that have made a real difference to her food budget.

BBC Guides
Can you save hundreds of pounds without a lifestyle change?

Whatever you do, avoid getting involved in rounds Money Advice Service Are you guilty of buying a daily coffee without even thinking? According to ThinkMoney, keen coffee drinkers (those who visit coffee shops more than 15 times each month), spend around £515 a year on coffee.

Christmas Money Planner - Money Advice Service

How are you planning to pay for Christmas? From presents to food, the costs can add up quickly. Using our Christmas Money Planner will help you set a budget for the festive season.

The top five money issues couples argue about

Do you ever feel like money is a problem in your relationship? If so, you're not alone. Lots of us find money a tricky topic to talk about openly with our partners, and it can often lead to arguments. Here are five common money arguments and how you can resolve them.


Fluid Thinking
Turn your data into real results

Fleet management is awash with different sources of data, from smartphones and tablets, to photo reporting. But many businesses are still only using a fraction of the data they are mining. An independent survey commissioned by Shell found nine out of 10 fleet managers acted on less than 60% of the insights offered by telematics [1].

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post
Mate Break-Ups - When Your Friendship Finishes

Eurgh, relationship break-ups. Awkwardly bumping into them at parties, watching them get close to someone else, questioning where it all went wrong - the aftermath is rarely fun. But I'm not talking about romantic relationships. I'm talking about mate breakups.

The Huffington Post
Plus Ones - The Wedding Guest Quandary

At the grand old age of 29, weddings have started to become a fairly regular weekend activity and I'm yet to be marred by wedding cynicism (I hope never to be). I love watching two people in love tie the knot and start their new chapter together.

Other clients - travel, lifestyle, culture

Expedia Blog
Ten of the Best Marathons in the World - Expedia Blog

Whether you're capable of running with the elites or are completely new to the marathon running scene, there are a great choice of marathons across the world to pick from. If you have a passion for running, what better type of break than a fitness holiday?

Expedia Blog
Seven Awesome Ways to Avoid Jet Lag - Expedia Blog

When you picture yourself on holiday, how are you feeling? Refreshed? Excited? It's sometimes easy to forget how dreaded jetlag can spoil our travels. Jet lag occurs when your body has to adapt to a new schedule after crossing several time zones.

Celebrity Angels
Wild Walking

Celebrity Angels Gran Canaria walking tour review

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