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Flo McQuibban

Creative Communications Lead

Location icon Netherlands

Creative Communications Lead @ Little Plant Pantry, Amsterdam - the city's first packaging- and plastic-free bulk store with a vegan café. Former illustrator and columnist at @amsterdammernl & @thesaintonline. Experience in B2B and B2C (copy)writing, management, and intercultural communication. Hyperpolyglot (including SMM & gif-speak). Hobbies include language-learning & puzzle-solving, drinking homemade iced teas, and loving cats. Also, photography @creatiquibbs, and creative writing @thebasicsnitch. Freelance Copywriter for Appear Here.

Basic Snitch
The value of honest work and how to support your locals

Quarantined amidst (justifiable) coronavirus panic, I am one of the few who can still sit in a café with a cup of tea once a week and watch as passersby pick up their food in bulk. 1.5 meters away ...

The Blue and White Boutique

Retail space from 783 €/day. This charming blue and white retail space is located on one of Amsterdam's most frequented Canal Belt shopping streets. The shop reaps in natural light from its large glass windows, showing off its...

Huawei Mobile
Huawei Mock E-mail Ad

Mock e-mail ad I once wrote up and designed as part of a test case (the original unedited images belong to Huawei themselves).

A Layman in a League of Legends

It is unfathomable to me why multiplayer gaming on various consoles is one of my pastimes, but it surely has to do with marrying innate sensitivity with self-deprecating humour. Some of my favourite games include Portal, Fallout 4, Assassin's Creed: Unity, and more recently League of Legends.

Basic Snitch
It's okay to like Pumpkin Spice Lattes - Unlearning 'Basic Bitch'

Basic bitch: a pejorative term that usually describes white women who tend to bathe in the mainstream. It even has it's own Wikipedia page! Basic bitch is nestled comfortably amongst other synonyms of "airhead", and weakly supported by its rarely-used counterpart, the bro. First coined by hip-hop artists and rappers, it now plagues a plethora...

The Creatives Series: Painting with Max Schulze - THE AMSTERDAMMER

The Creatives Series: Painting with Max Schulze Max Schulze, a 25-year old Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) alumnus, is a painter and writer who works in the hospitality industry. The Dutch artist discusses his work with columnist Flo McQuibban as part of the Amsterdam Creatives series, published every Friday.

The Creatives Series: Cultural Criticism and Fiction with Bre Sanders - THE AMSTERDAMMER

Cultural Criticism and Fiction with Bre Sanders Breone Natalia Sanders, who goes by Bre, is a 30-year-old graduate student from Atlanta, Georgia. She is pursuing a master's degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Amsterdam. Identifying as a black woman, a black feminist, an African American, a writer, and a black writer, Bre is ...

Hygge and Nordic Noir: Two Sides of Scandinavia - THE AMSTERDAMMER

According to Collins English Dictionary, 'hygge' came second only to 'Brexit' as the UK's word of the year in 2016. It has since blown up as a marketing ploy in the Western world to promote comfortable socks, knitted sweaters, and oversized mugs. The first oversight is the reduction of what hygge actually means.

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