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An aspiring writer of both fiction and non-fiction.

5 players with a point to prove in the North London derby

The North London derby this year is finely poised with both teams coming into the game with big things to prove. Tottenham, who won 2-0 in the last game, currently sit in third, on 23 points, with Arsenal sixth on 19, and recently trounced reigning European champions Real Madrid.

Fionn: Visiting Mum

My honest account of what it is like to have a Mother with early-onset Alzheimer's.

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Oxford Union Invites EDL Leader To Speak

Oxford University's debating society has invited controversial EDL leader Tommy Robinson to debate on nationalism amid concerns over "endangering" students.

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What is Happening to the Left?

The Left's garbled approach to Caitlyn Jenner shows that it is being eroded away from the inside.

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I'm From Birmingham, Not Burrrrminnnum!

The hilarious doing down of Birmingham, replete with brilliantly observed and original impersonation, is beginning to wear thin.

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