Fiona Delahunt

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

I took Journalism to further my writing skills and learn how to use applications. That was my reason when Mrs. Huss asked me the first day but my reason has changed. I was nervous about enrolling in this class because I thought I wouldn't enjoy it, but now I believe journalism is really fun. The class can be challenging sometimes but nothing is better than the feeling of finishing a story and feeling confident in it. I plan on enrolling in yearbook or newspaper next year. I am grateful to BV that we got to use applications like indesign, photoshop, and garage band because many beginning journalists are not exposed to these tools, and I believe they helped me feel like a real journalist. I thought we transitioned to fast into the hacker story at the beginning of the semester but I would not change it because of how much it helped me improve. I can now say I have learned how to write like a journalist.


Journalism Basics

Journalism Basics
Law and Ethics, Shattered Glass, First Amendment follow up and quiz

I struggled with Law and Ethics because I did not understand a lot of the words, and the assignment we had with it was really long. Law and Ethics is important to journalism but it was hard to understand why we stopped our normal work and worked on this at the time. Shattered Glass was a nice break in journalism where we got to watch a movie but learn at the same time. We learned the importance of being trustworthy and making sure your sources are credible. The first amendment follow up and...

Journalism Basics
Newsworthiness and AP Style Quiz

Newsworthiness was a difficult assignment for me partly because I did not completely understand the types. I took the words a little too literately and had trouble finding some stories to use. I understand Newsworthiness now because we have to use it in our daily assignments and big projects. AP style quizes were easy for me because we got to use the book which has all of the rules in it. I cannot remember many of the rules, but I think the quizzes were good practice while we were writing. AP...


Hacker Story, Leads, Using Quotes, and Headlines

We jumped straight into the hacker story in the beginning of the year. I was nervous since it would be our first story we wrote for this class. I can say I have improved greatly in writing and I am proud of my writing skills. My story needed a lot of work but we needed to start somewhere. Leads were very intimidating for me because they can make or break your story. I got to learn how to write a lead and I have improved my skills. Using quotes was easy for me because I understood it very...

1 in 1600 Story and Design

The 1 in 1600 assignment was special for me because I got to write about my best friend. Miranda has always been an inspiration to me and I was so excited to show her talent. The story came naturally because of our interview. It took about 15 minutes to film because the amount of laughing we did. It was hard to stay serious but we somehow powered through. I really like how my story came out, but the final product was not may favorite. The main picture turned out really blurry with big pixels....

News Story and Design

I had a lot of fun writing the news story. Since I was new to late start, I wanted to show a freshman's point of view on the interesting schedule. I interviewed my friend and fellow freshman Ivy Miller and my brother and senior Aidan Delahunt. I recieved different advice on how to improve your late start and ended up writing a cool story about it. The design element was easy because Mrs. Huss created a template for us and we just had to put in our work. I have seen a great improvement in my...


Pancake Perfection

I really enjoyed the Pancake Perfection assignment because we got to learn about how design really affects the story. If the design isn't good then not many people will want to read it. We had to follow specific instructions on how to make the design just like the original design. My Pancake Perfection turned out almost perfect and I am proud of my skill to follow directions.

Pathfinder, Typography, Dissecting Design and Typography.

Pathfinder was really interesting because I did not know there was so many different symbols you could use to better your story. Typography was a fun assignment for me because I got to be super creative. I use all letters and changed their widths and heights to look like objects. I really like how it turned out. Dissecting Design and Typography was a cool assignment because we got to see real examples of design and typography in magazines. I noticed food magazines use a lot more design...


The infographic was a very pleasant assignment to complete. It was almost calming drawing shapes and typing in facts. The only times I had to ask for help was when tracing the shapes. Tracing the shapes were hard to do because if you get your hand off the mouse it's all over. I liked how mine turned out but I could have done better.


Google Drive
1 in 1600 promo and video

The 1 in 1600 promo and video was so much fun for me. I got to use adobe spark video for the first time and I really like the program. I think my promo turned out better than my actual video because I like the music better than audio. I wish the video wasn't as long because it is hard to pay attention after a minute or two. I think my promo turned out better than my actual video itself. I like them both though.