Fintan Calpin

Journalist and Editor

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I am an aspiring freelance journalist and editor interested in politics, social justice, culture, fiction and reviews. I am currently reading for a degree in English at Wadham College, University of Oxford.

panoptica magazine
Through the lens of Instagram

While the popularity of Switch House and its ability to appeal, ostensibly, to a wider demographic than London's gallery-frequenting bougie intelligentsia is undoubtedly a positive thing, the gallery experience is a notably different one.

Flat whites on Bellenden Road

"Since 2008." Rammie, who owns a shop and fruit stand under the arches on Rye Lane, gives me a precise timeframe for when Peckham's property prices became an issue. I've been coming regularly to Peckham, from my home in neighbouring East Dulwich, for all twenty years of my life.
"HOLY SH*T I'M ONLINE": art, literature and the web

Writing in the New Yorker, Kenneth Goldsmith is one of many voices currently championing the Internet and Postinternet movements in art and literature. Goldsmith's increasingly regular articles discuss the development of this latest art form and argue passionately for its significance and centrality in our digital culture. And he is right.
Challenging architecture's phallocentrism

Chicago is a city proud of its architecture. And rightly so: Chicago's skyline is stunning; not as expansive as New York's but contained within a smaller area, it boasts a vertiginously beautiful cityscape, one that gives us a sense of an ongoing dialogue between different architectural movements and periods, where Mies van der Rohe's striking monoliths stare down the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower across the river.
Live Review: Mac Demarco at the Camden Roundhouse

Another One is the mischievously self-aware title of Mac Demarco's latest release. We all know what to expect before we hear it - and sure enough he's given us another album of laid-back rock and roll tracks. His sound hasn't developed significantly since it reached its apotheosis in his second album, 2, but can anyone honestly say they mind?
Unpacking the Bodleian libraries

I really like books. I like collecting them and having them on my shelves. I think I probably like books themselves more than I like actually reading them. Which works fine, incidentally, if your preferred revision technique is osmosis. Naturally, then, I was unashamedly, geekily excited to visit the newly opened Weston Library (I've already been twice).
The hottest summer you never even had

It's the last day of summer camp. It's the 80s. You're a counsellor in the twilight of your teens and you're a bit of a loser. But basically you're a good guy, and you're trying to win over the girl of your dreams from her dickhead bad-boy of a boyfriend.

The Missing Slate
Two Figures in Superposition

Where's the meaning in the message? Look how the words bend back and touch themselves; or break; two dancers parting in space and here the message ends 'I lobe you.' I'm not talking about free spelling, I mean doomed reading.