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Slow Food, Italian food, naturally vegetarian lifestyle, the Mediterranean diet, biodynamic farming and travel in Italy are just a few of the topics that keep Ellen from getting anything else done.
Follow her wanderlust spirit and passion for food as she writes on a variety of topics from addressing food insecurities to providing tips for travel. Her stories span topics of local interest to events on the international stage. Buon appetito!


An Italian Dish - Food and Travel

Snail of Approval - Slow Food in Sonoma County
Handline restaurant knows how to fish sustainably

Sam and Handline's owners want to keep delicious fish on the menu throughout the year and support businesses that are doing everything right by the environment. An important year-round supplier for Handline is McFarland Springs Trout Farm in Susanville, CA. The trout eat a red-algae based food that was carefully designed at UC Davis.

An Italian Dish
5 Steps to (finally) Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams - An Italian Dish

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." St. Francis of Assisi. And another inspirational line - "If not now, when?" I remember a time when I thought international travel was for other people, that it was just beyond my reach.

An Italian Dish
Not Mom's Marinara - An Italian Dish

Last March marks two years since my mother's passing. Whenever I make marinara, I see her in the kitchen in front of the stove, focused and determined. She was so proud of her spaghetti and homemade marinara. Her American-Italian recipe was actually a ragu or meat sauce, with mushrooms, ground beef, and dry Italian spices.

Food Justice and the Slow Food Movement

Pink Pangea: The Community Of Women Who Love To Travel
Slow Food: A Delicious Movement from Italy to Oregon

Ah, the joys of touring Italy as a solo traveler! I had countless opportunities to indulge in long, leisurely meals and to absorb the lifestyle of the locals. A common sight is multigenerational gatherings. When businesses close for 3-4 hours every afternoon, people go home to eat and be with family.

Pink Pangea: The Community Of Women Who Love To Travel
In Conversation with Memoir Author Angela Paolantonio

Picture this: an artist lives in a beautiful home on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. She travels to Rome to indulge in the art and beauty and, in an 'aha' moment, remembers, "I'm Italian!" Because she is a woman who listens to her intuition, memoir author Angela Paolantonio is guided to the land of her ancestors in Southern Italy.

Pink Pangea: The Community Of Women Who Love To Travel
Sparked Into Activism in Italy | Pink Pangea l Travel Inspiration

My recent trip to Italy was very different from the others. In 2010, my first time in the country, I was 100% a tourist. It was the birth of my love affair with everything Italian and made we want to return again and again. My fourth visit, last September, had an entirely new flavor.

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