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Fabian Andrés Colón

Brand Marketing | Marketing Communications | Project Management

Location icon United States

Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Fabian, your friendly NYC-based marketer. Please feel free to browse samples of my work. The item titled "Professional Portfolio" will have the most comprehensive view of my work.

I always welcome the opportunity to chat! My email is [email protected]

G&S Business Communications
Facebook Social Samples

Facebook copy and assets created to inform stakeholders of agency updates.

G&S Business Communications
Instagram Social Samples

Copy and assets created and published to display G&S’ people and internal culture.

G&S Business Communications
LinkedIn Social Samples

Copy and assets developed and published to showcase corporate updates and thought leadership.

G&S Business Communications
Twitter Social Samples

Tweets I published to help demonstrate the agency's grasp of industry knowledge, inform the public of agency updates, and promote corporate events.

Professional Exercise
Product Competitive Analysis

An exercise in analyzing three animal health products, their differences in brand positioning, and consumer messaging.

G&S Business Communications
Client Appreciation Campaign - Email Template

Sample of email marketing copy written as part of a larger client appreciation campaign with the purpose to enticing users to drive to a landing page. On this landing page, consumers would experience a branded video "gift" recipe as well as further explore the agency's professional services.

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