Evelyn Lewin

Doctor. Writer. Mother.

Evelyn Lewin is a freelance writer and GP with a diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

You can contact her at [email protected]



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Eye of the Beholder

We live in a world obsessed with aesthetics, but what would "beauty" mean if you couldn't see?

Cosmopolitan pregnancy

Is it normal? Pregnancy symptoms explained

Expecting your first bub can have you on high alert, but we're here to put your mind at ease

Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

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Off the wall

The glow

How to develop a good relationship with your doctor

Want to leave your GP appointments feeling like your doctor actually listened to you? There are ways to make that happen.

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Carnivore Ride

Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

How to prepare down there

Cosmopolitan pregnancy

Kicking goals

We’ve got answers to all your questions about baby’s moves inside your belly

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Hot mess

Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

Eat Crave Love

If you'll stop at nothing to get a white chocolate Magnum at 3am, you could have a case of pregnancy cravings...

The glow

How to treat a UTI - and identify one

If it burns when you pee and you simply have to go every five minutes, chances are you've got a UTI. Here's how to deal. READ MORE It burns when you pee and you simply have to...

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Women's Health & Fitness

Heart Break Hotel

The term "heartbreak" conjures a picture of polishing off a box of two-ply and a packet of Tim Tams, but the condition may have more serious effects than Bridget Jone-style...

Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

Your body after baby

Coming to terms with your changing body is easier if you know what to expect. Dr Evelyn Lewin explains all, so you can embrace this special time.

Cosmopolitan pregnancy

What's a VBAC?... and can I have one?

If you have a C-section with your first baby, it can have an effect on subsequent births. Here’s what you need to know

Cosmopolitan pregnancy

So you're overdue... now what?

Every day past your due date can make you feel frustrated, deflated and confused, so here’s our guide to help you understand what’s happening

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Let them eat dirt

The glow

my child

Sleep problems solved

Finding it hard to sleep or feeling super fatigued with your growing belly? You're not alone! Dr Evelyn Lewin offers some simple solutions.

my child magazine

Injection or infection?

With so many differing theories on vaccination, it can be difficult to know what's best for your bub. Dr Evelyn Lewin answers your questions.