Evelyn Lewin

Doctor. Writer. Mother.

Evelyn Lewin is a freelance writer and GP with a diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

You can contact her at [email protected]



The glow

What happens during a pap smear?

Want to know what really happens before, during and after a pap smear? Dr Evelyn Lewin takes you behind the scenes.


Women's Health & Fitness

The no diet diet

Millions of women forego their favourite foods for new year weight loss goals, but an eating technique used by Tibetan monks means you needn't be one of them, writes Dr Evelyn...

Women's health & fitness


Smartphones, MP3s and the internet certainly make like easier but our yen for convenience has spawned a crop of new health conditions. Dr Evelyn Lewin investigates the causes...

Womens Health & Fitness

Smart Phone Fail

Womens Health & Fitness

Retro remedies

body + soul

Womens Health & Fitness

The Diet Diaries

Australian Women's Weekly Ultimate Guide to Divorce

Herald Sun

What we did to avoid cancer

These people go to great lengths to avoid cancer. But are extreme measures really necessary?


Does a woman's right to choose where she gives birth outweigh her baby's right to a "safe" delivery?

Evelyn Lewin investigates the polarising issue of homebirths

Daily Life

Is time apart the secret to a long-lasting relationship?

There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to a happy relationship.

Women's Health & Fitness

Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

Mummy's kitchen rules

Dr Evelyn Lewin explains what's on the menu for the next nine months as well as the foods that are best avoided until your little one arrives.

Australian Women's Weekly Ultimate Guide to Divorce

Stress alert

Women's Health & Fitness

The Big O

Often labelled a "silent killer", ovarian cancer has symptoms you should look out for. Learn to identify these symptoms and aim for early detection, writes Dr Evelyn Lewin.

Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

Sweet relief

Whether you're going for a drug-free birth or hanging out for an epidural, Dr Evelyn Lewin talks you through it.

Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

A breath-by-breath guide to labour

It's the five pieces of advice every new mother who's had a positive birth swears by. Learn them now and start getting excited about meeting bub.


Fraud! Imposter! Fake!

You’re smart and successful... and still feel like a failure? Evelyn Lewin has the cure for imposter syndrome