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A revolving showcase highlighting my best recent work.
Specializing in food, disability, arts + culture, satire, and LGBTQ+ writing.


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Not A Normal Body

The oval pill is a little blue island floating in the middle of the oak coffee table. My eyes flick back and forth to it from the screen of my laptop, which is playing the 9th episode of Making a...

Comstock's magazine
Art Exposed: Sarah Golden - Comstock's magazine

Just three years after Sarah Golden shared the first block-printed fabric she ever made on Instagram, she has amassed nearly 35,000 followers and established a successful creative career in surface design. Today, Golden works full-time producing her signature simple, muted designs in both fabric prints and original paintings from her Oak Park studio.

Comstock's magazine
Entrepreneur Showcase - Comstock's magazine

Our editorial team vetted almost 100 nominations, looking for innovative business ideas, interesting backstories, unique products and services and that ineffable "it" factor. And here they are...

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Neighborhood Favorite - Comstock's magazine

It's the weekend before Christmas, and the lunch rush is just thinning out at La Placita in Orangevale. A man and woman in their late 20s walk through the door and scan the room before approaching an older couple sitting along the wall in a booth underneath a painting of a rustic Spanish courtyard.

Comstock's magazine
Art Exposed: Zahra Ammar - Comstock's magazine

When the realization dawns on the beholder that Zahra Ammar's insanely intricate designs are compositions of hundreds of precision cut and folded papers, it's reasonable to get sympathy hand cramps. Born and raised in Pakistan, Ammar moved to Saudi Arabia with her husband as an adult, where she says few opportunities existed for expatriate women outside of teaching.

The Snack Magazine
Labor of Love: Hood River Cherry Company

From the birth of the business and beyond, find out how Co-Owner Kathryn Klein has spent nearly 25 years nurturing the company and working to produce exceptional high-elevation, tree-ripened cherries...

The Snack Magazine
Organic Insights Q&A with Driscoll's Soren Bjorn

There are few people in the produce industry who leave an impression like Soren Bjorn, EVP of Driscoll's. Soren possesses sharp intelligence paired with a fierce focus. If you've attended one of his trade show appearances, or caught him in conversation, you know he has the ability to engage people on a deeper level of thinking.

Everything Else

Comstock's magazine
Buzzwords: Organic - Comstock's magazine

The term organic might be the granddaddy of all buzzwords. The U.S. Department of Agriculture legitimized the organic label for food in the '90s, putting a premium on its contents that turned them into gold. Since then, the organic market has seen significant growth: According to the Organic Trade Association, organic sales were $3.4 billion in 1997; in 2017 they were over $45 billion.

Comstock's magazine
Buzzwords: Ping - Comstock's magazine

People are either pro-ping, or they are anti-ping. A 2017 Summit Hosting survey of 1,000 Americans placed "Ping me" among the three least acceptable buzzwords used in the workplace, alongside "LOL" and "Growth Hack."

The Snack Magazine
Flavor Trend: Unlocking Umami

By now, you've undoubtedly heard of umami, the fifth taste which skated by unheard of for almost a century until its recent explosion onto the foodservice scene. But what do you really know about it?

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