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C.F. Møller upgrades Danish campus with new student dormitories

ODENSE - The main campus of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense has earned its fair share of nicknames over the years for its notoriously grim masses of concrete and weathering steel - the 'Rustenborg' ('Rusty Castle') and the 'Führerbunker', to name a few. Aarhus-based firm C.F.

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Saucier + Perrotte and HCMA sculpt stadium for Montreal park

MONTREAL - After scowling at an unsightly landfill, choking on smog from smokestacks and being pelted with chunks of dynamited limestone for over a century, neighbours of the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex might welcome the occasional din of a football match. Since 1988, the former quarry has been taken over by the city council and transformed into an expansive ecological park.

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SOM conceives permeable headquarters for Geneva Business District

GENEVA - Japan Tobacco International (JTI), the third largest corporation in the industry, has recently settled into new headquarters in the Sécheron district of Geneva - just five minutes down the road from the World Health Organization.

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LOCALARCHITECTURE transforms an Ivorian villa into a new home for a Swiss embassy

ABIDJAN - Côte d'Ivoire's economic capital is one of many overlooked cities in formerly-colonised Central and Sub-Saharan Africa that have hosted vibrant, experimental architecture since gaining independence. Lausanne-based firm LOCALARCHITECTURE has recently contributed to Abidjan's modernist offerings by updating a 1960s villa to host the new Swiss embassy.

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La Comédie de Béthune by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

A Northern French mining town of less than 20000 inhabitants became the unlikely site of a national theatre just over twenty years ago, due in large part to a charismatic mayor's intercessions with the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

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Casa G by Esaú Acosta

The name 'Casa G' refers to neither a physical address nor a chic monogram. As Spanish architect Esaú Acosta of Estudio SIC explains, there were Casa A, Casa B, Casa C, and so on, preceding the final model for the home in Canary Islands' Tenerife.

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Proposal No. 6 by Jeremie Maret

Zurich gallery THE PROPOSAL first opened in 2011 with the idea of offering an unprecedented intimacy between art and viewer. The space doubles as a bed-and-breakfast where both intrigued visitors and potential patrons can arrange to sleep alongside the displayed artwork.

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Metamorfose by FAHR 021.3

A cyborg spider web, an abstract fossil of urban decay, a glitch in the Tron universe. These are just a few of the images potentially invoked by Metamorfose, a new public installation from local studio FAHR 021.3 in the São Bento area of Porto.

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Apartment of the Future by NArchitekTURA

DOBRODZIEŃ - 'Predicting the future is a risky job', NArchitekTURA claims in reference to their latest installation for the Dobroteka furniture market in Dobrodzień, Poland. The studio intends for this 'Apartment of the Future' - with additional versions planned in Krakow and Warsaw - to serve as a kind of fully integrated laboratory that will allow furniture and décor companies to test their latest products directly with consumers.