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Flaunt Magazine | People: Bruce Dern

It's Wednesday at Musso and Frank's. I'm sitting across from Bruce Dern and he's reciting the profane lines of a Confederate General. He's yowling. He's speaking with complete solemnity, as if God, and the Devil, and Quentin Tarantino were in the audience. But it's only the lunch crowd.

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Flaunt Magazine | People: Lucia Ribisi Is Working Harder And Reaching Farther

Lucia Ribisi doesn't look uncomfortable. She's sitting down and underneath her butt lie assorted flowers. Her legs are out, knees upward and pressed together, and her feet are outstretched. In the background sits a white vessel, I wouldn't describe it as Rococo, but it's decorative.

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Flaunt Magazine | People: Miles Teller

I'm sitting with Miles Teller at his kitchen table and we're discussing American football. He was born in Philadelphia; I'm from Dallas, we're natural gridiron enemies. "I want to talk about the [Philadelphia] Eagles and the [Dallas] Cowboys," I say, forcing the issue. "Well, you're in an Eagles household, know that," Teller rebuffs.

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Flaunt Magazine | Music: Leon Bridges

What is the location of your soul, Leon Bridges? Truly, to no end, philosophers have debated the soul (and in particular, its location) for millennia. In no distinct order, a smattering of theories: Homer believed the soul was something to be risked in war, and would separate from the body upon death.

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Flaunt Magazine | Music: Cage the Elephant

View Gallery How did we get here? How did we get from Lincoln Logs to Bumble matches, from the taste of field trip-packed lunches on Pioneer Day to ubering two miles to Nobu while snapchatting our newly bearded face blowing in the wind as the first drink kicks in and our synapses utter with the night's anticipation.

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Flaunt Magazine | People: Alex Ebert

We as humans have an inexorable need to deify artists from a previous time. Hell, we deify those living who might as well be artistically dead [see: Dylan, McCartney]. "Beethoven was as genius as anyone! As much as Einstein!" sputters the bulbous ren-faire enthusiast. And who's to say he's wrong?

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Flaunt Magazine | Music: Vince Staples

I'm in the lobby of the newly opened Line Hotel in Koreatown, roving through problematic furniture to find a place to sit and interview rapper Vince Staples. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow splayed light into the space, bouncing off the wooden indigo couches.

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Flaunt Magazine | People: Dez Bryant

Everything written about Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant starts one of two ways: Either the story speaks of Dez's natural talent, raw when he entered the NFL at 21 years, a diamond in the rough becoming more refined with each game; or it speaks of his troubled upbringing, suspensions, and other reputed wrongdoings.

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Flaunt Magazine | People: Nils Frahm

You were at the mall a week before Christmas '94. You were visiting your grandma and had to attend an Easter service at a stadium-sized church nicknamed the Baptidome. You were ailing from the extraction of four wisdom teeth high as a turn-of-the-century dentist on codeine and Koyaanisqatsi came on the television.

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Flaunt Magazine | People: Marc Maron

Marc Maron is like a comedic David Frost. He's become known for his WTF with Marc Maron podcast interviews, he gleans wisdom and life stories from famous figures in music, film, and comedy-and does it all so effortlessly. Maron rarely pushes, but instead makes a connection with his subjects-emotionally, mentally, momentarily-by offering up private information about himself.

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Flaunt Magazine | Music: Nina Kraviz

If you happen to be in Siberia some day strolling through the dense taiga, the Angara river flanking one of your sides and the other: a husky; a furry friend to warm the cockles of your heart, so that neither the harshness of the Siberian anticyclones nor the ghost of Rasputin may penetrate your good will.

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Flaunt Magazine | Music: Moses Sumney

The warm buzz of a bloody mary has just started to weigh down my brain-per usual a little alcohol provides a lot of relief-but subsequent drinks will always be aimed at enhancing that initial jolt, and will fail.

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