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i use bikes to travel through the story of this lifetime.

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The Power of Language in the Outdoor Community

We see conversations like this far too often on our social channels. Words have power, even when they're being typed from a keyboard. TGR Mock Photo. I wrote what should have remained a simple bike review for a publication that will remain anonymous.

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The Sierra Buttes Lost & Found 2019: Straight From the Mid-Pack

Introduction: We pinged Erin Lamb to write about her experience at this year's Lost & Found with John's experience told through the gallery captions. We're trying new models for event Reportage, so please let us know what you think in the comments! Enjoy!

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The following trip report is also available on Amazon Kindle, for ease of bookmarking... Day 1: Wienerwald or bust! JEN: Good decisions can be made on a whim. That's how I found myself on this spontaneous bike trip in Europe. It all started in Vienna, Austria.

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Rugged Hills and Mingling with Redwoods: the 2019 Old Growth Classic

The redwoods hit me with that kind of awe those quixotic transcendentalists describe as, well, awe. It was like this - the trance state incurred by the tree-lined road was jostled by the excitement of entering an amalgam of friends, acquaintances, and randos held together by the common love for the physical-meets-mental journey of a bike race.

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Leave it All on the Trail and Go Baroque: the 2019 Downieville Classic

WARNING - please read with enunciations of the Queen's English spoken with a harsh American accent leached with dry monotone and finished with a slight southern drawl.] [NOTE - All persons are mixed and mashed conglomerations of friends masked by pseudonyms as to respect their identities.]

California Girls Productions

California Girls: Slay Ride The girls pull off throwing the best holiday party of all time, with the help of a Christmas miracle. This holiday special slays. California Girls: Slay Ride Teaser California Girls: Chamois Time Spotted! Jackie Wolfe and Chrissy Crane have a normal day- ride bikes, then pool.

Climate Anxiety
Climate Anxiety

Climate Anxiety is a "Sensory Based Narrative".

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