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Erika Mitchell

Senior Copywriter, Projectline Services for Microsoft

Location icon United States

I got my start in online content. After three years of managing the content for websites ranging from non-profit startups to e-commerce companies, I transitioned to writing novels while I raised my children. Almost nine years and ten novels later, I've been published four times and had two of my short stories included in anthologies.

I'm currently working as a Senior Copywriter at Projectline Services for Microsoft. I write marketing copy promoting cloud business applications for Microsoft's Brand Content Studio.

BI Solutions: Comparing TCO | Microsoft Power BI

A registration page promoting an analyst asset. The goal with these pages is to simplify in-depth information and make it appealing enough to entice guests to submit their information.


The About Us page I wrote for Bottle Your Brand. I helped develop their writing style and this page is a good reflection of that style: Fun, relaxed, and helpful.

SEO page for Microsoft
Big Data Analytics

I wrote this informative page to capture high-funnel search engine traffic around the SEO term "Big data analytics."

Promotional email
Nurture email

I wrote this email as part of a nurture stream targeting high-level decision makers.

Video content preferences study
User testing results deck

I conducted user testing of BDM assumptions around terms describing three forms of video content (webinars, demos, and video overviews). The goal was to create a framework to refer to when describing video content in marketing copy.

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