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A chicana, humorist, and music writer from the SF Bay Area.

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Abuela's Pantry

Abuela's Pantry with Space Abuela on Listen to show archives, or tune in live Friday 2:00 - 4:00pm. is a San Francisco-based community radio station. Our mission is to support emerging and underground artists and bring the Bay Area music scene to the world.

Music Journalism

The Alternative
Way Out West: Pumpkin - The Alternative

Posted: by The Editor FFO: Beat Happening, Sports, Girlpool For this week's Way Out West we have a special guest writer. Enjoy the following recommendation from Erika Delgado, a wonderful Chicanx writer from San Francisco. Imagine that you're sitting alone, in a field that you went to specifically because you were feeling overwhelmed; insecure; too much impostor syndrome to even sit still.

The Bay Bridged - San Francisco Bay Area Indie Music
An interview with the Genrequeer rebels Sons of an Illustrious Father

It was the late afternoon. I was laying in bed, and the members of Sons of an Illustrious Father were grocery shopping. Since I had those pre-interview jitters, like any normal person who is also a person with severe anxiety, I called them exactly on schedule.

Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis on Demisexuality and Solo Project Sad13

Sadie Dupuis, best known as the lead singer of indie-rock band Speedy Ortiz, was teaching writing at UMass Amherst in 2011 when she came across a student paper that dealt with demisexuality - defined, generally, as a sexual orientation in which someone feels sexual attraction only to people with whom they have an emotional bond.

The Bay Bridged
Interview: Lisa Prank is everything you needed in middle school

Growing up, I was like any other weirdo kid in the fact that I loved emo because I was very emotional, and I loved bright colors because Lisa Frank. But there was never much space for me and my over-embellished cat sweaters in emo. I was meant to be the fangirl.

The Grey Estates
Album: Three - Diners

words: Erika Delgado Sometimes you need music that reminds you that the simple things in life are what makes it worth it. Those simple moments of being back in your hometown, and feeling safe along side your oldest friends. Those friends that even though you don't talk much anymore, they tend to always be there when you need them.

The Bay Bridged
Interview: Doodling with SOAR

When friendship and collaboration are the most valued things in a band, it comes out in the the way it all mashed in perfect chaos. SOAR is Chaotic Good.

The Bay Bridged
Doodling with Hazel English

You'd never except to meet a possible pop star while your both repetitiously steaming secondhand designer clothes, but that's how I met Hazel English . I've had a lot of weird jobs in my time, and through out them all there were always creatives beside me.

The Bay Bridged
Doodling With Plush

Lately I've been having the problem where whenever I actually want to go to a show, there's too many bands I want to see everyone playing on that one night. Sometimes it gets to the point where I just don't go anywhere, because it's easier, but sometimes I have to make some hard choices.

The Bay Bridged
The emo kid's guide to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

The first time I went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass was 2010. This was the first time I saw Conor Oberst live. I had been a fan for 5 years, but I was barely 18 and barely going to shows on a monthl...

An Interview with Marian Li Pino of La Luz -

An Interview with Marian Li Pino of La Luz On August 10, 2015 I finally caught La Luz live at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. I had been wanting to see them for a couple years now, so finally seeing them just brought a bolt of energy and inspiration through me.

Personal Narrative

My Father's Surrogate Mother -

By Erika Delgado - with help of her parents, Maria Del Carmen and Salvador I'm not religious. I define as agnostic, because I do not believe in ever telling someone what they have put their whole souls faith in is wrong. I was raised Catholic, still am very culturally Catholic.

Mask Magazine
A Vague Misunderstanding

A couple years ago I went out with a guy I met off OkCupid. After a few dates of hand holding and listening to mundane monologues about his time at MIT, he invited me to his apartment, and for some reason I agreed.

How to Ignore Los Chismosos -

How to Ignore Los Chismosos According to my mother there was a time in my life that I didn't speak Spanish like a gringa mensa, when I was 5. Apparently back then I was really cute, never said no, and could speak Spanish so fluently that my whole family in Mexico was startled by my existence.

Inanimate Eyes -

By Erika Delgado Once again I had to re-enter the billion-year-old house where my grandmother hides from everything. Waiting in her crypt, she slowly crawls out of her room, fixing the curtains as she passes. I say hello and kiss her soft falling cheek. In Spanish, she tells me how I should smile more.

Unidentified: My Home on Nepantla -

by Erika Delgado My whole life I wanted to be white. Not just light skinned. Not just passing as white. I mean pure white. Clear white skin, freckles, straight blonde hair, and a thin figure, with a culturally white background. I would lie to people about I came from.