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Eric Otieno

The First Reactions to the Report on Restitution of Looted Art | Contemporary And

Europe's cultural sector is still reeling from a report presented to the French president Emmanuel Macron last Friday. The report entitled The Restitution of African Cultural Heritage. Toward a New Relational Ethics was commissioned by Macron as part of his efforts to jumpstart political discussions around the repatriation of cultural heritage.

Berlin Biennale | We don't need another review

You know it's Biennale season because there's an uneasy air of low-key artsy sophistication everywhere. As expected, Berlin desperately wants to remain the coolest Art Metropolis in the history of everything.

Boom for Real | Basquiat's retrospective at Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt

Jean-Michel Basquiat's legend precedes him. It always has since he first emerged as one of the incognito masterminds behind the duo called SAMO that made witty graffiti statements on the streets of New York City. After single-handedly "killing" SAMO by spraying "SAMO is dead", inducing a split with his partner Al Diaz, Basquiat as we know him emerges a solo Artist.

Bringing Ritual Back to the Mask | Contemporary And

Keyezua: Through art and its process, I found a way to confront my fear of accepting my father's passing in remembering his last days as a man with a disability. I created these images to talk about his death and to finally let him go in a masked ritual.

Work in German

Debatte: Wilhelm Kuhnert, der malende Kolonialherr

Die Frankfurter Schirn hat mit ihrer Ausstellung "König der Tiere: Wilhelm Kuhnert und das Bild von Afrika" eine Debatte entfacht: Wo bleibt die kritische Einbettung dieses Malers im Gefüge des deutschen Kolonialismus? Die Kritik ist berechtigt, schreibt Eric Otieno in seinem Gastkommentar für Monopol