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Nikkei Asian Review
Australia joins US in battle with China for space supremacy

SYDNEY -- When Australia announced a deal for $150 million Australian dollars ($102 million) to ensure its space industry's participation in NASA's Artemis mission, it was leveraging its 50-year collaboration with the U.S. space agency. It was also a show of shrewd but potentially risky space diplomacy as China readies to become America's most powerful space adversary.

Nikkei Asian Review
Australia turns to military spending for jobs and growth

SYDNEY-- Australia's top-earning exports -- coal, iron ore and liquefied natural gas -- are pretty basic for a highly developed country. So basic that Australia ranks 59th in the world for the complexity of its exports. South Korea, a regional peer and potential defense partner, ranks 6th of 129 exporters, according to the Observatory of Economic Complexity, under the MIT Media Lab.

Australian Banking and Finance (AB+F)
Getting the elements right on trust

‘Experience gap’, ‘situational normality’ and ‘perceived trustworthiness’ are just three terms that will become everyday words in a new financial services paradigm in which banks and other institutions will have to compete more nimbly to attract and retain customers. That’s the view of Aarron Spinley, director strategy and customer experience at software company, SAP (pictured), which is using insights from social sciences such as anthropology and psychology, to meet clients' rapidly changing...

Insto Currency Compass
Rational Exuberance

Currency fluctuations offer risk and reward -- the trick is knowing how to hedge

The Canberra Times
A tomb's touch of wonder

Terracotta warriors and eternal treasure on show at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

The Canberra Times
Madness & Modernity

German art from 1910 to the Nazi era at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Insto Magazine
The Fame Game

Annie Liebovitz on show at Sydney's MCA

The Canberra Times
Intimate expressions

Alfred Stieglitz's photography at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

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