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I am a software salesman by day, a consumer and producer of literature by night, and for a short time, I was a contributor to Chico States "Orion Newspaper." Here you will find a compendium of all my work. My hope is that you, dear reader, will find it nearly as enjoyable to read as it was to produce. Writing is one of the supreme joys of my life, and it is a pleasure to have the means to pen my thoughts and share them with all of you.

The Orion
Chancellor White: Chico State budget concerns 'not my zip code'

"The decision of how you spend Chico State budget is one that is involved in this zip code, not my zip code, thank you," said CSU chancellor Timothy P. White. White spoke at a Chico State forum in the BMU on May 4. It was just one stop on a 23-campus tour for the purpose...

The Orion
Christian advocate sparks rally with name calling

An advocate of the Christian faith caused waves on campus Wednesday as he sermonized in the free speech area. His words sparked an emotionally-charged crowd to gather carrying hand made signs in protest of his message. Signs read "He doesn't even go here," "all you need is love," and "we're here, we're queer, get over...

The Orion
Hellfire and heart-shaped hand grenades fuel rally

We've got a serious problem here in the U.S. of A. The problem is that "we the people" are no longer "we." More and more we're becoming "us" and "them." We're becoming the "left" and the "right." It's the North/South divide all over again, but this time it's an omni-directional split, and the frontline is...

The Orion
Students caught in the crossfire of CSU strike

There aren't many cars on the road at 2 a.m. when Marilyn Sanders goes to work at In Motion Fitness. Around 8 a.m. she'll be in class, and afterward she sets up in the library, poring over class readings and assignments. Between her job and the course load of her six classes as a senior...

The Orion
Faculty help students understand potential strike

Students gathered on March 8 in the BMU to learn more about the California Faculty Association strike. The info session was organized by post baccalaureate student, Mark Faaita, and the Chico State Democrats. Representing the CFA was political science professor, Michael Coyle, who spoke passionately about the social justice issue facing the California State University...

The Orion
UMatter offers help for students with anxiety

Student volunteers and mental health professionals alike have taken on the challenge of raising awareness, reducing stigmas surrounding the idea of getting help for anxiety and convincing Chico State students to join the conversation. The first step has been to make students aware that anxiety is all around, and its normal.

The Orion
Faculty agreement reached, compromise made

In the wake of the CSU faculty agreement, Chico State faculty take stock of concessions made and future gains to pursue. A historic strike has been averted. Chico State professors are talking about the outcome of the negotiations with a mixture of satisfaction and a sober eye on the future.

The Orion
Wildcats on caffeine

College life is full of peaks and valleys. This is especially true if caffeine is what fuels you. Students may become stuck in a cycle, stopping their caffeine intake when their tolerance becomes too high, and starting up again to feel that indispensable burst of energy.

The Orion
Newly selected president faces challenges

On a rainy Wednesday morning, amidst hot coffee and donuts, students and faculty gathered to watch a live video feed of the board of trustees meeting in Long Beach. The viewing took place in the Associated Students offices in the BMU. As the assembled crowd waited for the video feed to start broadcasting, the question...

The Orion
Newly selected president discusses role at Chico State

After a secretive selection process, Dr. Gayle E. Hutchinson was named the new president of Chico State on March 9. Although she is joining the university after a vote of no confidence and amidst a potential faculty strike, Hutchinson is optimistic about her new role. She spoke to The Orion in a phone interview on...

The Orion
Long road to safety on bike path

The city of Chico and Chico State have joined forces to tackle the crime problem on the bike path that runs between the railroad tracks and campus. Although they have formed a united front, there are a number of financial, logistical and even cultural obstacles to overcome. On Feb.

The Orion
Study Abroad office reacts to Belgium attacks

The world is in mourning after the two horrific bombings in Brussels that, according to a recent New York Times article, killed approximately 30 people and left more than 230 wounded. The world looks different with the threat of violence looming unpredictably over daily life. "Our thoughts are with our friends and colleagues in Belgium...

The Orion
Students prepare taxes on campus

Beta Alpha Psi has partnered with the IRS for the sixth year running to administer a free on campus tax preparation service program, called Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. Chico State accounting students will prepare taxes free of charge for anyone who makes less than $60,000 a year.