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Judy Martin
5 Hacks to Kid-Proof Your Home

If you're still reeling from the sudden dilemma of having your kids home 24/7, don't worry, you're not alone! Before now, many parents lacked the time to entirely overhaul the house for the kids' sake. Well, now is the perfect opportunity to turn your home into an ideal place for playing, learning, and growing.

Judy Martin
3 Ways to Make Your Home Office Shine

If you've just started working remotely, you've probably noticed the challenges that come with it. It can be tricky to focus, stay motivated, and to feel like you're actually at work. That's because clocking in at the brick and mortar business, arriving at the office, or meeting face to face with clients has a ritualized ...

Milestone's Open Platform and Open Doors Build Community

Milestone employees traveled to Portland, Oregon, from many countries to attend the yearly Milestone Kick-off Meeting for the Americas region. Included in the whirlwind week of activities was an open-house tour of the beautifully branded new office in Lake Oswego, where the walls are filled with oversize photos of Portland's mesmerizing cityscape.

Judy Martin
Six Essential Springtime Sprucing Ideas

Spring cleaning is very IN these days thanks to tidying gurus like Marie Kondo. Collectively, it seems, we have all come around to the philosophy to "keep what makes you happy, and lose the things that don't." It's a healthy development, and straight-forward in theory, but when it comes right down to it, starting off ...

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