Ericka Osborn

Published Writer, Copy Editor, and Author

Location icon United States of America

Ericka is a talented writer who is,driven to acknowledge and capture each perception. She pursues the experience of others in many different genres. This includes health and wellness writing,, editing, content and copy writing, fiction, non-fiction as well as public speaking.

Ericka grew up in Billings, MT. She has seen the city grow and every day she finds something curious to explore. She moved away to attend University of San Diego and Western Washington.University. After college, she had to return to the magic city to pursue opportunities and spend time with family.

She has taken a special interest in the medical community due to her own experiences, research, and extensive exposure to various sectors of the medical community. Over several years, Ericka continues to review any and all resources she can find locally and online.

She speaks the language of several different industries including finance, insurance, and that of the medical community. She is always seeking answers. Ericka has refined interviewing skills and is quick to learn. She is observant, confident and she can connect the reader to the subject seamlessly. She is excited to see what magic will transcend the next blank piece of paper.


Health and Wellness

Financial and Insurance Industry

Content writing

Academic Essay Writing

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