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Natural Skincare Line Gets Star Treatment - CHAOS Magazine

You know you're moving up in life when a celebrity orders, and then reorders, your skincare products. That's exactly what happened to Jessica Burman, 38, the owner and founder of natural skincare brand Cocoon Apothecary. Burman's inspiration came from her desire to have beautiful skin like her mother, who owed her glowing complexion to natural skincare giant Burt's Bees.

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Beauty and the Box - CHAOS

Imagine looking into your mailbox every month and pulling out a box full of mystery beauty items. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not if you subscribe to one of the numerous monthly sample boxes available on the Internet.


CHAOS Magazine
Ruth Crilly: Renaissance Woman - CHAOS Magazine

In the modeling industry, it's nearly impossible to jump start a truly successful career once you're out of your teens, and it's almost a joke to expect any luck once you've hit your thirties. Aside from the inundation of celebrity-endorsed ads for perfumes, clothing lines, and cosmetics, the pretty faces you see on the runways, TV, and in magazines are getting younger and younger.


CHAOS Magazine
Drumbar Chicago Takes Speakeasy to New Heights - CHAOS Magazine

Today's bar scene is all about speakeasies. They're popping up across the nation and officially turning dingy Prohibition-era lounges into a major trend. The best part is these venues are quite a bit more stylish, and less dirty and suspicious.

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Studio Paris Adds French Flair to the Windy City - CHAOS Magazine

Everyone deserves to add a dash of luxury into their lives now and again, and a visit to Studio Paris in Chicago's Paris Club Restaurant is simply the best way to do so. After you've spent an evening enjoying the delectable French cuisine in the restaurant, simply exit and go around to the Studio Paris entrance to enjoy a night infused with Parisian chic.

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12 Things That Go Through Your Mind When You Decide To Transfer Colleges

1. This is the best decision I have ever made. Obviously, there was at least one reason prompting your departure from your first school. You might be scared to leave friends or to start over, but you know there was something crucial missing from your life at your First University.