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Emma North

Beauty, health and wellness freelance journalist

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I've Been In A Medical Research Group Since Birth

My umbilical cord is in a deep freeze somewhere in Bristol, along with my placenta, nail and hair clippings, baby teeth, blood, urine and saliva. My whole life, I've given biological samples and psychological data to a team of researchers at Bristol University.

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Jodie Comer's facialist: how the Killing Eve star gets her killer glow

Skin Killing Eve returns to screens this April. We spoke to the woman behind that butter-wouldn't-melt assassin's glow, facialist Jasmina Vico She's TV's chicest sociopathic assassin but we aren't here to talk about the potential plot twists of Killing Eve Season Two, which aired in the US last night and is set to land here soon.

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Fall into autumn's new beauty products

How to transition your beauty regime from summer to autumn with these 6 steps After a couple of months of warm, humid weather, autumn is finally on its way. The air has a cold twinge and you start to need your chunky cardigan in the evenings.

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Move aside Jade Roller: There's a new beauty tool in town

A spa-like, post-facial glow is something all beauty aficionados aspire to. The answer to recreating these results at home? FraƮcheur's Facial Ice Globes. The latest facial massage tool to knock jade rollers off the top spot, these smooth, icey-cold massage aids are the perfect way to achieve glowing, fresh and lifted looking skin in the comfort of your own home.

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40 beauty tips for women over 40

As we age, it is a difficult balancing act between achieving natural looking youth and growing old gracefully. The industry can be a flummox of jargon and specialist ingredients, all claiming to reduce the signs of ageing, plump our skin and prevent further damage, but here's some tried and trusted advice for maturing skin.

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