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Emma (Lee) Mulheran

Copywriter & Content Strategist

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My greatest talent is evoking emotions with words. I employ this super power to ensure my travel articles are inspiring, my marketing copy is enticing, and my communications are punchy yet approachable.



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6 of Japan's Most Fascinating Cultural Gems

There are few countries that boast a culture as beguiling as Japan's. The country's distinctive customs are evident at every turn; from the pulsing streets of Tokyo to the antiquated back alleys of Kyoto. Travel just a short way from the major cities and you'll find the following cultural gems to flavour your Japanese adventure.

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How to tick Alaska's Big 5 off your bucket list

When an animal sighting reaches bucket list status, you know it's going to be an experience that wraps you in wonder. Africa is famous for its Big 5, but there's another frontier that boasts a line up of animals that will star in your holiday memories forever.

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Palatial Stays

It's hard for the imagination to resist a palace. The word conjures images of gleaming marble, canopy beds and terraces festooned with archways, and rightly so. Palaces were historically constructed as the abodes of royalty, and today their lavish excesses astound us... Yet we can't help imagining what it would be like to live with such extravagance.

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Luxury Canada Ski - The Best Resorts for On and Off-Piste Indulgence

Snow-laden fir trees, warm woolen mittens and steaming mugs of hot chocolate... Canada's ski resorts offer a winter experience straight from a storybook. The world-famous mountains of British Columbia invite you to discover the unique luxury that only a true winter wonderland can offer. Alberta experiences beckon from amidst the natural splendor of Banff National Park.

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How the Russian Ballet Stole My Heart

A recent trip to Russia has caused me to dust off my dreams of becoming a ballerina. I only ever dabbled in leotards and pliés as a child, but even a rookie knows that Russia does ballet best, so catching a performance at St Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre was a must-tick item on my bucket list.

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Unaffected Paradise - Cruising Papua New Guinea

The funny thing about the 'off-the-beaten-path' is that everyone is on it. People will queue for hours to eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants and pay exorbitant admission fees to visit remote waterfalls. We're all chasing authentic experiences that are undiluted by tourism, and Papua New Guinea is one of the last places where you'll find them.

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Peaks with Personality: Mountains of the Canadian Rockies

If you fall in love with the Rockies, be prepared to surrender your heart for a lifetime. You'll know that you've been smitten when you feel a flutter of joy every time your eyes travel upwards towards a lofty peak.

Inspirations Autumn 2017
Eat, Cook, Love. Discover the World Through the Culinary Arts

There is no better way to discover a culture than by taking a bite out of it. Any tongue can interpret the language of food, an alluring song of flavours, ingredients and cooking methods that offer clues that lead you to a culture's deepest roots.

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Battlefields and Monuments That'll Give You Goosebumps

Tens of thousands of Australians make a pilgrimage to the shores of Gallipoli each Anzac Day, a journey that is seen as the ultimate way to pay respect to the Aussies who fell in the beach landing of 1915. Throughout the world, there are battlefields, monuments and sites that mark moments of significance that should never be forgotten.

Travel Ideas Issue #19
Loved Up in the South Pacific

If the South Pacific had a middle name, it would be romance. The language of love comes in many guises, but it’s easy to understand among the gentle wavelets of pristine sandy shores. It beckons from the aquamarine waters of coral reefs, and invites you to a candlelit dinner on a private deck in the treetops. Each island of the South Pacific offers its own style of romance.

The Wow List
Admire Rio From Up High

The mountains meet the sea in the jaw-dropping spectacle that is Rio de Janeiro, a unique landscape that offers the thrilling opportunity to jump from a cliff top and soar down to the beach on the wings of a hang glider.

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Irish Enchantment: Castle Hotels on the Emerald Isle

A castle is defined as a large building typically fortified with high walls and soaring towers, but the word has come to mean much more. The abodes of nobility and the settings of countless enchanting legends, castles are ensconced in our culture as romantic icons of a time gone by.

Flight Centre
8 Thigh-Slappin' Reasons To Love A Rodeo | Flight Centre

A few years living in Alberta, Canada was all it took for me to be hooked on the thrill of a rodeo. Up until then, I had some vague impression that a rodeo was an 80s event that happened only in the deep south, but I am so glad I was wrong.

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How To Tackle Mount Warning | Flight Centre

I have wanted to climb Mt Warning ever since I saw Fern Gully as a child, but dubious fitness levels have always made me reluctant to tackle the hike.

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15 Travel Experiences You'll Never Forget

There is travel, and there is travel with insight; experiencing the life-changing moments that help us to comprehend the diversity of wonders in the world. Here are 15 experiences that will lead to those moments of joy and amazement that only a traveller knows.

Food & Dining

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16 Weird And Wonderful Japanese Snacks | Flight Centre

You don't have to look far to find weird and wonderful snacks when travelling through Japan. Every street corner boasts a conbini, or convenience store; a jackpot of nibbles and ready-made meals that range from the mouth-watering to the mysterious. Here are some tips on what to stock up on next time you're feeling peckish.

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A Sweets Tour of Europe

Whether you're seeking culture, adventure or ambience, a day exploring Europe is best topped off with an exquisite dessert. Each country boasts its own sweet masterpieces, and without an insider tip you may pass by the most life-changing tastes without ever realising it.

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10 Hong Kong Must-Eats | Flight Centre

I come from a Cantonese heritage, and every time I return to Hong Kong my main goal is to eat - after spending quality time with my family, of course. This is a list of favourites that I feel I must munch during every visit, and it grows regularly as I explore deeper into China 's glorious culinary maze.

Beauty & Lifestyle

She Brisbane
Interviewing Francesca Webster: Brisbane's Baroness of Beauty

I love a good pampering as much as the next girl, but the thought of the multi-billion-dollar industry as a whole makes me suspect that I'm a sucker. I'd never do anything crazy like cancel my regular brow appointment, but I do [...]

Flight Centre
Travel Beauty Hacks | Flight Centre

There are some lucky humans who can step off a long-haul flight looking fabulous, but I am not one of them. Sleeping on the plane and living out of a suitcase makes it hard for me to maintain my preferred level of personal presentation, but over the years I have discovered a few hacks that have eased the way.

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