Emma McGowan

Freelance writer and editor with a focus on startups and sex positivity.

A full time blogger and digital nomad for the past five years, Emma McGowan writes primarily about startups and sex. Her work has appeared in Mashable, The Daily Dot's The Kernel, Mic, Bustle, The Bold Italic, KillerStartups, and MiKandi. She's the Editor in Chief at the sex tech website Kink&Code.
This is just a sampling of Emma's work. Links to each website can be found at http://emmamcgowan.com/.

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Doing Business with Mom: What it's Like to Be a Second Generation Entrepreneur

How does having a entrepreneur parent shape a person's life and career? Kelly Cornell, son of designer and retailer April Cornell, talks family, business, and w...


The Bouqs is Making Millions, One Stem at a Time

What happens when a Disney brand director and a Venezuelan flower farmer team up? A multimillion dollar flower company that is shaking up the florist industry. ...


These Women Entrepreneurs Fight Sexism to Revolutionize How We Hook Up

Jennifer McEwen was at a tech gala in Seattle when a male attendee asked her what her company does. She explained that her sex tech company, MiKandi, is a third-party Android...

The Bold Italic

I Refuse to Choose Between Artists and Techies

Editor's note: this editorial is part of The Bold Italic's ongoing mission to publish opinions that help move the current tech and culture debate in San Francisco forward. If...


14 Tips For Couples Who Both Work From Home

It took a long time for my boyfriend, Benjamin, and I to learn how to work from home as a couple. When we met, we were both working online from a coffee shop on the Chilean coast.

The Bold Italic

Why Flirt with Plain Emoji When You Can Sext with These Guys?

Not to get all Freudian on you right from the get go, but sometimes an eggplant emoji isn't just an eggplant. In these days of sexting, sometimes that eggplant is signifying a...


Married to My Co-Founder: What Happens When a Startup Really is a Marriage

TL;DR: A lot of startup founders joke that they're "married" to their co-Founder, but Michael and Angela Smith actually are married. Their secret to success? Never turning off....

One Woman Shop

How to Stay Fit on the Road as a Location-Independent Solopreneur

I am not one of those people who loves working out. You know the type, right? They get off on endorphins and sweating or whatever. They talk about "runner's highs" and "pushing...


The Woman Behind Argentina's Startup Revolution

I believe passion is infectious, and when you get likeminded individuals in a room together, discussing real change and impact for not only a company or organization, but also...


The Key to Viral Marketing? Science, Not Magic

Manuel Frigerio, Founder of the popular viral marketing widget MaƮtre, explains the science behind making a campaign go viral.


Bikes, Bamboo, and B2B: How James Wolf Does It All

James Wolf started one of his companies, The Bike Shop - which is located in the expat hub of Thao Dien in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - after pressure from friends pointing out...


High Fashion, High Impact: Britini Port is Creating Fashion Without Factories

Britini Port arrived in Guatemala in 2012 for a Peace Corps mission and she's been there ever since, running a high fashion shoe and bag company, Uxibal, from a tiny factory...

Sex, Sex Positivity, and Social Justice


The One Thing That Will Keep Sex Alive In Your Long-Term Relationship

I used to think that scheduling sex was the ultimate in sad old people behavior; the stuff of suburban parents and crappy sitcoms . "Sex should be spontaneous!" I thought. "How...


This Dating App Company Knows What Millennials Want When It Comes To Gender

When John Kershaw launched his beard-focused dating app, Bristlr, in 2014, he let his users identify in one of two ways: those with beards and those without beards. What was...


Why I'd Never Date A Trump Supporter

As a woman who, a) has been in an emotionally abusive relationship in the past, and b) has ears and eyes, I truly can't fathom any woman choosing to vote for Trump or tolerating...


What I Learned About Relationships From My Middle & High School Notes

I was a serious about passing notes in school. Like, I probably spent at least 80 percent of my time writing notes to my friends, responding to notes to my friends, and thinking...


How To Be A Sex-Positive, Feminist Dad, According To Mine

When I decided I wanted to lose my virginity, I told my dad before I even told my high school boyfriend. I was 15, flying on first love, and I knew that I was ready.


I'm Done Asking For Permission To Give Teens The Sex Education They Deserve - Kink&Code

A young woman I'm close with reached out recently on Facebook because she's worried she might be pregnant. In her late teens, living in the South, and newly sexually active,...


Meet the Brave Teen Girls Taking a Stand Against Slut-Shaming Dress Codes

C Just was half-listening to Bangor High School vice principal Bryan Doyle's back-to-school assembly when he said something that brought her to attention. Doyle was addressing...