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Emma Callaghan

Copywriter / Sass Queen

Location icon Australia

A 29 year old marketing graduate, fledgling wordsmith and tofu enthusiast, I have been writing professionally for a year for several food and beverage publications and looking to expand my literary horizons beyond hospitality. I have experience in writing social content, EDMs, restaurant reviews, blog posts and press releases.

Currently residing in Brisbane, Australia with one small black cat.

The Gourmand & Gourmet
Swipe Right to Love IRL

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you'll have heard of tinder. Everyone and anyone is frantically trying to swipe their way to love - but we at the G&G are over it. Where's the romance? Where's the spontaneity?

Gourmand & Gourmet
How to Trick Your Friends into Thinking you can Cook

We've all been there. You've insisted a bunch of friends come around, feeling confident in your culinary abilities - and let's be honest, there may have been wine involved. The day rolls around and you break out in a cold sweat - you've just remembered you can't cook.

Brisbane's best bowls clubs

Blue skies. Crisp, green lawns. Cold, gold beer. If this isn't living Barry, I don't know what is. Not just for seniors in too short pants, lawn bowls is for everyone - young and old.