Emily Lovell

Freelance Writer and Photographer

London based graduate, writer and photographer with a passion for quirky & colourful fashion, Japanese travel and pop culture.

Topics covered include Japanese culture, alternative fashion, pop culture, photography and student & graduate advice.


Alternative Fashion & Pop Culture

NEO Magazine
Meet Aggretsuko

Meet Aggretusko, a 25 year old red panda with a passion for death metal karaoke and a strong dislike for her office job at a Tokyo trading firm. The brain child of Japanese super-brand Sanrio and the star of her own Netflix series, Aggretsuko fuses all the kawaii of Hello Kitty with the grim reality of adult life. This is a series that will appeal to anyone who likes a bit of edge with their cute.

MyM Magazine
Tokyo Dreams

MyM's Emily Valentine sits down with Adelaide, an English model with a passion for Japanese fashion currently living in Tokyo.

MyM Magazine
Pop-Up Paradise

From traditional kimono to colourful street wear, Japanese fashion is as diverse as the country itself. British business Butikku is bringing something refreshingly different to the UK; clothing, jewellery and accessories from independent designers in the Japanese fashions scene.

MyM Magazine
Shinkurose By The Sea

Meet Shinkurose AKA Debbie and Emily, a mother and daughter dream team combining their design, pattern cutting and sewing skills to create beautiful handmade garments and accessories inspired by the street fashions of Tokyo.

MyM Magazine
Paint It White

Meet Minori, a shironuri artist from Japan. With many strings to her bow including designer, artist, costumer maker and fashion icon, Minori has made a name for herself at home and abroad, turning heads wherever she goes with her signature white-painted face and elaborate clothing.

MyM Magazine
Ballet Beautiful

Tutus, tulle and turning en pointe,; ballet is a beautiful dance form, and the fashion associated with it is just as romantic. We sat down with Manchester based dancer Kat Edwards to chat about how she got into Japanese fashion, which styles she follows and her favourite brands.

MyM Magazine
Angelic Pretty Come to London

The Tea Party Club has been organising fashion events for a decade now, but its last ever event at London's Institute of Directors proved the most lavish yet, with Japanese ffashion brand Angelic Pretty flying in from Japan to attend.

MyM Magazine
Decora Dreams

The name Kurebayashi should be familiar with any fan of Japanese youth fashion. A regular in popular Japanese magazine KERA, Kure-chan is a cute and colourful model with a love for decora style and her own fashion range.

MyM Magazine
Over The Rainbow

Emily Valentine met the fashion blogger who’s not afraid to go bright and bold.

MyM Magazine
Frock 'n' Roll

With a Tokyo music tour under her belt and a debut solo EP on the cards, Megan Valentine is fulfilling her dreams of being a solo performer. Her aqua anime-inspired hair and love for edgy fashion give Megan a distinctive style that definitely help her to stand out from the crowd! MyM sat down for a chat to find out how combining her love for music and her passion for fashion have helped Megan shape her identity as a musician.

MyM Magazine
Think Pink!

Emily Valentine celebrates cherry blossom time with Calıfornian model and J-fashion enthusiast Chiffon Fleur.

MyM Magazine
Gentlemen Prefer Kawaii

Emily Valentine sits down with Danny, a J-fashion fan from Brighton who proves that kawaii isn’t just for girls.

MyM Magazine
Kimono Chameleon

The kimono is one of the most iconic and beautiful of traditional Japanese garments. Emily Valentine chatted with Tokyo-based kimono enthusiast Anji Salz to find out more.

MyM Magazine
Dreaming of a Kawaii Xmas

Tis the season to be kawaii, and MyM'S Emily Valentine has been on the hunt for this season’s cutest and most colourful fashions and accessories.

MyM Magazine
Wicked & Whimsy

The Tea Party Club recently hosted its annual London fashion extravaganza, and MyM’s Emily Faulder was there to share a brew

MyM Magazine
The Sweet Smell of Success

With a chart-topping musical career spanning 15 years, Perfume are one of Japan’s most influential girl bands. MyM's Emily finds that Perfume: A Gallery Experience makes perfect scents.

MyM Magazine
Sanrio's New Superstar

Sanrio’s latest star in a long line up of cute characters is the lazy (yet adorable) Gudetama. MyM's Emily chats with Gudetama,the world’s laziest egg, about his rise to the top.

MyM Magazine
J-Fashion Dreams

MyM's Emily sits down with the ladies of Dreamy Bows, who are bringing Tokyo street style to the UK with their J-fashion pop-ups.

MyM Magazine
Tea, Cake and Hello Kitty

Devotees of Hello Kitty are in for a treat this summer ...quite literally. MyM's Emily took a trip to Soho café Cutter & Squidge to experience their new pop-up.

MyM Magazine
Time After Time

MyM’s Emily joined the London leg Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda's TIME AFTER TIME; a world tour that’s capturing the essence of kawaii.

MyM Magazine
Harajuku Street Style

If you've a passion for snapping Japanese street style you can't help but be inspired by the cute and colourful fashion found in Tokyo's Harajuku district.

MyM Magazine
Around the World with La Carmina

MyM’s Emily speaks to La Carmina, a professional traveller, author, journalist, blogger and TV host with a passion for Japanese pop culture and alternative fashion.

#Photography Magazine

Secret Moments of Maikos

Review of 'Secret Moments of Maikos' by Philippe Marinig, a photobook exploring the intimate world of apprentice geisha.

#PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine - Issue 20

Interview with Casey Meshbesher, founder of women's street photography movement 'Women in Street' for the Women's Issue #21.

#PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine - Issue 19

Interview with fashion photographer Katja Stuckrath for Issue 19 of #Photography Magazine (p.74)

Europe Unite - #PHOTOGRAPHY Issue 18

Interviews with migration culture photographers Emanuele Cremaschi (p36-39) and Daniel Castro Garcia (p92-108) for Issue 18 of #Photography Magazine.

5MINS with David Williams

David Williams – you may know him as the photographer who shot ‘Men with Cats’ – a project that threw him into the spotlight and bagged him features on a huge range of sites ranging from Huffington Post to Mashable. So what’s David been up to since breaking down the crazy cat lady stereotype and going viral online?

PRINCE: A Photobook by Huw Alden Davies

We're big fans of visual storytelling, and were delighted to be sent a copy of Huw Alden Davies' new photo book 'Prince' to review. Offering an insight into the life of the artist's father John, or 'Prince' as he has been known as for most of his life, the imagery and narrative work together to build up a picture of a man who is both unique and familiar at the same time.

On Landscape Project

On Landscape Project, the brain child of photographers Minna Kantonen, Dafna Talmor and Emma Wieslander, seeks to instigate discussions and debates around the representation of landscapes. With two group exhibitions already under their belt in London and Rome, the collective’s most recent project On Landscape #3 took place at the picturesque Lower Hewood Farm in Dorset.

Free Range 2016 | Week 2 Round-up

The Free Range art and design graduate shows, held each year at The Truman Brewery in East London, are a fantastic platform for creative students to showcase their work to the public, and get noticed by industry professionals. The photography exhibitions are spread over two weeks, and after the resounding success of week #1 (you can read a round up of our favourite work here) we took a trip back to Brick Lane to see what photographic gems we could uncover during week #2.

Free Range 2016 | Week 1 Round-Up

It’s that time of year again, where students from universities up and down the country descend upon The Truman Brewery to showcase their final year degree projects at the Free Range exhibitions. Free Range has been running since 2001, and is a fantastic platform for students from creative degree courses, such as fashion, art, design and photography, to showcase their talents.

Japanese Culture

Japancentre blog
Celebrating Tanabata in Japan

Celebrating Tanabata in Japan Summer is a time for festivities and fun in Japan and as Tanabata (Japan's Star Festival) draws closer, people up and down the country get well and truly into the party spirit. Celebrated on different dates in different regions, Tanabata kicks off on 7th July and continues throughout August with festivals,...

Japancentre blog
Enjoy Freshly Milled Rice at Japan Centre

With over 70% of the Japanese population eating rice once a day and Japan sitting in the top 10 largest producers of rice globally, rice is a core part of the Japanese diet. Incorporated into a myriad of dishes, from sushi and onigiri to curry rice and donburi this seemingly humble grain is packed full...

Japancentre blog
Celebrating Children's Day in Japan

With four national holidays crammed into 7 days, Golden Week is a time of great celebration in Japan. Children's Day (or Kodomo no hi), the final day of the Golden Week celebration, is a time for families all over the country to join together and wish health, happiness and prosperity upon their children.

Japancentre blog
The Wonder of Sudo Honke Sake

Sake is one of Japan's most famous exports and this delicious alcoholic drink made from fermented rice has a unique flavour that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. New to Japan Centre this week is a range of premium sake from Sudo Honke, a Japanese brewery based in Obara, Ibaraki Prefecture.

MyM Magazine
Japan Matsuri Lights Up London

Japan Matsuri returned to London in late September, transforming Trafalgar Square into a vibrant celebration of Japanese culture.

Five Reasons to Watch... The Wind Rises

Back in 2008, Hayao Miyazaki penned the manga series Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises), inspired by Tatsuo Hori's ‘The Wind is Risen’, a fictional story based on Jiro Horikoshi, designer of the infamous Zero Plane used during the Pearl Harbour bombings.

Love Japan Magazine Issue 2

A self published magazine celebrating the global appeal of Japanese culture. Covering lifestyle, travel, food, art, fashion and events in collaboration with a number of Japan focused brands, personalities and creatives.

Student and Graduate Advice

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
The Top 5 Most Popular Student Cities | Careers Blog

International student housing marketplace Student.com have been busy bees over the past year, gathering feedback from over 100,000 students in 426 cities around the world. And the results are out! Giving interesting insights into student accommodation booking trends, the research also highlighted student's favourite cities to study in.

Top Universities
What to Do Now You've Graduated

You've spent the last three or more years studying for your degree, completed all your exams and handed in all your coursework. Now, your time at university is over and it's time to have a think about what you want to do next.

3 Types of Interview and How to Ace Them

"An initial phone interview is often used as a way to sort the best from the rest." Once the recruiter has filtered through all the job applications, they may want to chat to a few potential candidates. An initial phone interview is often used as a way to whittle down the numbers and sort the best from the rest.

Top Universities
10 of the Most Photogenic Universities in the World

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it's hard not to sometimes. Why study somewhere dark and dingy, when you could be getting your degree while surrounded by elaborate gothic architecture that would give Hogwarts a run for its money, or cutting-edge modern design.

Top Universities
Five Soft Skills That Will Help You Land a Job

With more and more school leavers opting to head to university, the job market is becoming increasingly saturated with eager and talented graduates. While your in-depth understanding of the works of Shakespeare or the ability to code an entire website in record time could help you get your dream job, there are some other (less theoretical or technical) soft skills that might come in handy as well.

Top Universities
How to Have a Proactive (and Fun) Summer Break

Rejoice, the long-awaited summer break is just around the corner. But, while it might be tempting to spend your days watching Netflix and eating your body weight in ice cream, why not make this summer a productive one? These days work experience usually extends further than making the tea and opening the post.

Top Universities
A Foreign Student's Guide to St. George's Day

St. George is England's dragon-slaying, princess-saving patron saint. 23 April was St. George's Day, marking the anniversary of his death. But who is St. George and why (and how) do people celebrate? If you're a new arrival in England, here are a few things you may not know about England's chivalrous national icon.

Top Universities
How to Survive Exam Season Stress

Your gloriously long student summer holiday is just around the corner, but before you can relax you're going to need to get through the dreaded exam season. If the thought of coursework deadlines and test papers sets your heart racing and anxiety levels rising then you're definitely not alone.

Top Universities
How To Avoid a Student Accommodation Nightmare

One of the most important decisions you'll make as a student is where to live. Moving can be expensive and stressful (especially when you're fleeing the nest) so doing your research could save you a serious headache in the long run. First up you'll need to decide what sort of accommodation suits your lifestyle and personality.

Top Universities
A Closer Look at the Four New Subjects in this Year's QS Ranking

Released earlier this month, the 2017 QS World University Rankings by Subject are a fantastic way of finding out which universities are the best in the world for your chosen area of study. Rolling with the times, QS has introduced four new subject areas this year, making these the most comprehensive rankings yet.

Top Universities
How to Get the Most Out of a Careers Fair

As the job market gets more and more competitive, finding new and innovative ways to job hunt could be the key to finding your dream job. Signing up with a recruitment agency, joining LinkedIn and browsing online job sites will all help you in your quest for employment.

4 Films About University And What You Can Learn From Them

Watching films is a great way to escape from uni work for a few hours, and you might find yourself learning a valuable life lesson or two along the way. So why not grab some popcorn, settle down in your comfiest chair and take your pick from these 4 university-themed movies.

Top Universities
How to Make Your Job Application Stand Out

Guest post: Emily Valentine Whether you're a student looking for an internship or a fully-fledged graduate, having an up-to-date and well-written CV and cover letter is vital. Writing these can be daunting though, especially as it's easy to make mistakes but by following these handy pointers you should find yourself well on your way to bagging your dream job.

Top Universities
How to Become a Pro at Essay Writing in 6 Easy Steps

Guest post: Emily Valentine Whether you like it or not, essay writing is part and parcel of completing a degree. Even those who usually excel at written work can find themselves feeling the fear when faced with the prospect of putting together a lengthy essay or dissertation. But, fear not.

Top Universities
5 Reasons to Study in London

Guest post: Emily Valentine Ranked #3 in the latest QS Best Student Cities 2017 , London is home to some of the best universities in the world, and with over 40 higher education institutions boasting a huge variety of courses, your study options will be as diverse as the city itself.

Top Universities
How to Create a Personal Website

Guest post: Emily Valentine At some point during your degree, you're probably going to be asked to put together some sort of online portfolio, personal website or blog. But where do you start? Luckily the days where you needed coding skills (or a sack full of money) are long gone.

Top Universities
How to Help Fight Climate Change at University

Guest post: Emily Valentine Climate change and energy efficiency might be the last things on your mind when you're up to your neck in uni coursework. But these issues are hitting headlines right now, and will become even more important in the future.

10 Perks of Student Life

When you're drowning in a sea of dissertation research at 4am, it's easy to feel like university is the last place you want to be. While it can be tough at times, especially when exams and deadline dates are looming, there are many activities you can indulge in to make student life more rewarding.

5 Ways To Beat The January Blues On A Budget

Christmas is over and you're feeling a bit sorry for yourself. You've spent your last student loan payment on presents - possibly one or two festive drinks - and that beach holiday to Barbados is definitely going to have to wait. But fear not, because January doesn't have to be everyone's least favourite month.

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