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Emily Shugerman

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I write about the intersection of politics, culture, and gender. Talk to me about it: [email protected]


The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast
She Wanted a 'Freebirth' at Home. When the Baby Died, the Attacks Began

In the photos, Journey Moon looks peaceful. Her eyes are closed, her tiny body swaddled in blankets. She rests on her mother's chest, the slight bruising around her face the only indication of what happened: that she was born dead, at 42 weeks, after six days of painful labor.

The Daily Beast
Linda Fairstein Apologizes. But Not for the Central Park 5 Case.

For years, Linda Fairstein was a celebrated prosecutor who parlayed her sex crimes work into magazine covers, national TV profiles, and a career as a crime novelist. But the Netflix miniseries When They See Us, and its focus on her role in the Central Park Five case, has made her persona non grata.

The Daily Beast
EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times in Early '90s

Days after Jeffrey Epstein's arrest on sex-trafficking charges in New York, Bill Clinton distanced himself from the high-flying financier and convicted sex offender. The former president owned up to just six encounters with Epstein, starting in 2002: four flights on the billionaire's private jet, a single trip to his Harlem office, and one "brief visit" to his New York apartment, all with staff and security detail in tow.

The Daily Beast
These Women Say DIY Abortion Is Nothing to Fear

The image provokes both fear and fury: a wire coat hanger, spattered with blood, symbolizing the drastic measures women may take when abortion access is limited. Whoopi Goldberg brandished one on stage at the 2004 March for Women's Lives, urging the younger generation to remember what their forebears used.

The Daily Beast
The Brutal Story of Jake Eakin, Child Murderer Turned Anti-Abortion Zealot

At the Spokane women's march this year, as women paraded through the eastern Washington city in pussy hats and pink tees, a skinny, bespectacled man marched alongside, clutching a voice amplifier and brandishing a poster of a giant, bloodied fetus. "You are marching for your own personal convenience, your own personal beliefs," the man bellowed into the amplifier.

The Daily Beast
The Weird World of Vegan YouTube Stars Is Imploding

Last Sunday, a five-second video clip of vegan YouTuber Yovana Mendoza single-handedly brought down the luminous 28-year-old's entire career. In it, you can see the raw food advocate, who goes by the name "Rawvana," smiling at a restaurant in Bali as she prepares to tuck into her meal.

The Daily Beast
The Serial 'Romance Scammer' and the Women Who Took Him Down

It started with a Facebook message: "What's up beautiful?" Acacia Oudinot wouldn't usually respond to an unsolicited Facebook note-especially from a strange man complimenting her appearance. A striking 37-year-old divorcee from Arizona, Oudinot is used to men hitting on her and adept at brushing them off. But something about Will Jackson intrigued her.

The Daily Beast
Was This 'Creepy' Los Angeles Sex-Crimes Cop a Serial Predator?

A veteran Los Angeles Sheriff's Department detective was charged last week with tying up and raping a 14-year-old girl whose case he was investigating. The arrest of Neil Kimball, a seasoned sex-crimes investigator, sent shockwaves through the law-enforcement community-especially when it was revealed that he had already been accused of sexual misconduct years earlier.

The Daily Beast
Weed Activist With #MeToo Past Is Now Pushing Sex Work Reform-Despite Objections

A once-powerful organizer in the marijuana legalization movement has picked up a new cause and is lobbying for the decriminalization of sex work-over objections from some women alarmed by sexual misconduct accusations in his past. The organizer, Rob Kampia, was a fixture in the highly successful push to legalize marijuana for almost two decades.

The Independent

The Independent
We auditioned to be a Playboy bunny for an inside look at their New York club

I walked past the entrance to the new Playboy club at least three times before realising I'd made it. The building that houses the club - a "beautifully designed, sexy, elegant space," according to a fawning New York Post preview - is a small hotel on the western end of midtown Manhattan, where theatre marquees turn to bowling alley signs and pretty much no one goes unless they're travelling for business.

The Independent
Meet Redneck Revolt, the radical leftist group arming working-class people so they can defend...

It is 9am on a Sunday, and a group of radical leftists are gathered at a shooting range in rural Long Island having target practice. From a distance, it looks like a scene from any small, conservative town in America: A group of guys palling around in a snow-covered parking lot, taking turns firing down the range while swigging cups of hot coffee to ward off the cold.

The Independent
Meet the people facing 60 years in prison for protesting against Donald Trump

Elizabeth Ariadne Lagesse and Michael Webermann had been engaged for all of nine days when they were arrested and charged with six felonies for protesting Donald Trump's inauguration. Now, instead of planning their wedding, they're crafting a legal strategy to avoid up to 60 years in prison.

The Independent
Capital Gazette staff 'like family', says mourning Annapolis community

Before a mass shooting turned the Capital Gazette into a national news story, it was simply "the paper". Residents of Annapolis, Maryland, used the phrase as shorthand for the local newspaper when they weren't referring to it by its nickname, "the Capital".

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