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I come with a ton of editing and writing experience through the various publications I've worked for over the past few years. I pride myself in being a bit of a chameleon in that I am able to shift my voice when I'm writing to fit a client's brand, while maintaining my authenticity. Storytelling is something that I believe should be weaved into every piece of writing and is a skill that I've honed and love to practice. I'm also a collaborative spirit who likes to play off of different ideas and perspectives to create an immaculate end product. Let's work together!

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PSA: Pimple Patches Really Work

Ok, so these seem gimmicky, right? That's what I thought when I first heard about them. I mean, they're essentially a Band-Aid that claims it will shrink and/or get rid of a blemish overnight. To me, the claims were too high and I wasn't buying it.

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Neon is the Shade of the Summer

The concept of neon-anything may seem kitschy to some, but highlight is about to become hi-brow. There have been multiple hints across social media alluding to this upcoming trend, from the Kardashians' vacation photos featuring neon nails and bikinis to the recent #AllureTrendWatch literally telling us to look out for the vibrant shade.

Lemonhead LA Makes Hollywood's New Favorite Glitter - Society19

Where else but the city of stars would Hollywood's latest, shiny obsession hail from? Lemonhead LA has been building their blinding empire since 2015 and is showing no signs of slowing down this year. Their visibility has skyrocketed within the past few months thanks to some major celebrities and makeup artists.

5 Body Activists Taking Over The Fashion Industry - Society19

Throughout the years, the fashion industry has embraced different body types, from a curvy Marilyn to a thin Twiggy. However, today it seems that the image of a more relatable woman is being hailed as most desirable. Look below to meet some of our favorite body activists who are shaking up the industry.

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You Have Dionne Phillips to Thank for Your Eyelash Extensions

Let's just start by establishing that Dionne Phillips would be the ultimate leader of a girl gang. She comes across as one of those people who just instinctually gets it. Her personality and perseverance are a force, yet she remains grateful and as humble as they come.

11 Popular Beauty Brands You Didn't Know Were Vegan-Friendly

Living a completely vegan lifestyle doesn't just mean cutting out dairy and meat from your diet - it also requires you to be conscious of which ingredients go into some of your favorite products, makeup included. Thankfully, many beauty brands either already offer vegan products or are transitioning their formulas to fit that standard.

Her Campus
Lush Vibes and Vintage Feels: #19 Boutique and RAW Cosmetics

Courtesy: Facebook On August 1st of this year, a fusion boutique landed on the top of Gaines Street that is sure to become one of your go-to shopping spots in Tallahassee. #19 Boutique & RAW Cosmetics sets itself apart from any other boutique in Tallahassee by not only selling clothes, but by also selling homemade, organic skincare.

Spoon University
Arepas by B is the Taste From Home South Florida Natives Crave

I first came across Arepas by B when a friend showed me their mouthwatering Instagram feed. It's packed with Venezuelan food porn and the real blessing is that it's all available locally, right here in Tallahassee. Arepas by B may only be six weeks old, but business is already booming, promising a bright future for owner Biagnette Del Castillo.

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