Emily Mininsohn

Communications Professional

Location icon Mongolia

I write and design a wide range of materials including web content, e-newsletters, pamphlets, social media content, flyers, internet ads, grant proposals, and press releases. In addition to being an intelligent and audience savvy writer, I am a visual thinker with an eye for design. I am currently studying to use Adobe Creative Suite to create eye catching visuals. When not at work, I am a poet, a painter, and an explorer of the great outdoors.

The Writers' Block
A Writer's Guide to YouTube

Youtube, a popular website for viewing videos, is a powerful avenue for procrastination. A seemingly unlimited quantity of entertaining material is easily available. Once you've begun a YouTube marathon, the website even suggests more videos based on what you've watched so far.

The Writers' Block
Networking Events for Writers in the Twin Cities

The career of a writer is based on the creative process, so usually we picture the key to success as time spent alone with our notebooks or computers, brainstorming, writing, and editing.