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Emily Joyce

Freelance Writer

Location icon Australia

Emily Joyce is a freelance features and content writer with a knack for crafting words to tell compelling stories.

She has written for a range of lifestyle, health and parenting publications including MiNDFOOD, Sunday Life, Body + Soul, HCF Health Agenda, Essential Kids and Kidspot.

Tender Loving Self-Care

As our lives become increasingly busy, healthy habits often fall to the wayside - but taking better care of yourself could be the first step to overall wellbeing.

Taming Climate Change Anxiety

As the news about climate change becomes increasingly alarming, it's natural to feel worried and helpless. Here's how to manage those feelings and act in an impactful way.

Could your child's school report be hinting at a hearing problem?

If your child displays attention-seeking behaviour or daydreams a lot, there could be an explanation (and a simple test you can do at home). Whether it comes via your inbox, is thrust proudly into your hands, or found crumpled in the backpack, the school report is always opened with anticipation.

Circle of Trust

For many couples, an affair is a deal-breaker. For others, the experience is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Here's how to restore trust in a relationship after cheating.

Open Your Mind

Taking time to analyse issues instead of making snap judgements can lead to better decisions and improve the quality of your life. Sharpen your critical thinking skills and start seeing the world differently.

SMH Sunday Life
Surviving the seven-year itch

For couples, a flat period can spiral into separation. But there are ways to weather the storm, writes Emily Joyce.

Oxygen Australia
Against The Grain

Does cutting gluten from your diet lead to better health?

Love Letter To Ghana

For Gayle Pescud, a short term volunteering stint in Ghana brought her new love, a new career that transforms lives and a deep affection for the country.

Essential Kids
Stop apologising for store-bought cake

When invited to a get-together, "What can I bring?" is the polite and expected question that usually comes out of your mouth. However, "What can I take that looks like I've put thought and effort into it and where on earth will I find the time to do this?"

Why hearing loss in kids can be hard for parents to spot

Children's hearing is important. If a child struggles to hear, they'll also struggle to learn. Hearing loss is not always obvious. Sound Scouts is the children's hearing check designed to make testing easy and accessible.

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