Emily Tisshaw

Freelance Editorial Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

I studied English Literature & Writing at university in Cambridge for 2 years before dropping out. My writing felt forced whilst at university which I believe hindered my writing abilities. I wanted a platform where I could be raw and expressive, honest and true to myself. I started to run a blog at emilyjaynetisshaw.blogspot.co.uk. This is a personal blog about my life and experiences. I also voluntarily write for a charity magazine called Reach Magazine which is a quarterly magazine with the aim of helping people.

I'm a passionate idealist and a huge part of my identity is being an activist. I want my writing to convey this. I like to write about books, poetry, veganism, feminism, lifestyle and travel.

UK Sex Education: Why are we so afraid to talk to Children about Sex?

Since the declaration that sex education will be cut from the UK school curriculum (it will no longer be mandatory to teach sex ed. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-35549295) I've been concerned as to where the younger generation are getting their information.

The Walls We Build Around Ourselves

Hindsight is a funny thing, isn't it? I remember a few years ago when my mum told me; 'Emily, you've become hard'. I didn't digest this statement properly at the time, neither did I care to ponder over it. Until now. I'd always wanted to be an independent women, it appealed to my free-spirited nature.

The Mooncup Review

Content Warning: Intricate detail of periods and blood I remember the exact moment I discovered the bloodstain in my underwear. My family and I were in the dining room having dinner when I rushed to the toilet. I was surprisingly excited my period had begun, hurrying back to let everyone know.

A plea to the fashion industry

"Last week was Fashion Revolution Week - with Sunday 24 April marking three years since 1,133 garment workers were killed and 2,500 injured, when the Rana Plaza garment factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh." So, you've gone vegan. You've invested in cruelty free makeup brands.

Giving Something Back

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Emily Tisshaw and I was born with one hand. My left limb is missing just below the elbow although I don't usually like to say it's missing because that implies I'm not whole or that something is supposed to be there.