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How climate change affects young Californians

As the Global Climate Action Summit starts in San Francisco this week focused on solutions to climate change, young people in California reflect on their own experiences with a changing climate.

New York Times - Race/Related
Reflections on Summer Jobs

The sad truth is, I’ve given up my summer and my social life, for a paycheck.

Here and Now - NPR / The California Report - KQED News
When Economics Divides Siblings

Youth Radio's Emiliano Villa says he had a very different economic experience growing up than his sister. But it didn't make them less close.

KQED Perspectives
Living on the Edge

Youth Radio's Emiliano Villa has worked hard to pay for college because his family lives on the financial edge.

Youth Radio - KCBS Commentary
Gentrification in Fruitvale

The way it’s going, I’m afraid the hometown I recognize won’t be around much longer.

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