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I am a Digital Marketing Strategist specialized in Content and UX Design, with a decade of international experience in the NA, EMEA, and APAC regions. Since 2018 I have been working remotely collaborating with tech startups and crypto companies globally.

I am a marketer who acts like a journalist and thinks like a customer, always driven by a strong determination to succeed and achieve business goals. Being extremely pragmatic, I find practical and streamlined solutions to challenges. I shape online journey and web experiences driven by passion and empathy with users, coupled with a deep understanding of digital ecosystems and key trends.

I get easily enthusiastic about blockchain and any sort of technological innovation that sustainably fosters social and economical development.


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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Validator

Validators play a crucial role in operating a chain and influencing the way networks develop and evolve; it's therefore important to choose validators that, at least in principle, can fulfill their responsibilities in the network and liabilities towards their token holders.

What does ownership mean in Web3?

Web3 was born with a mission: to build a more resilient Internet, where users break free from censorship and gain control over their data and digital footprints. What has led to such a paradigm shift?

Assessing Staking Risks: Illiquidity and Price Volatility

Staking has grown dramatically over the last couple of years and established itself as a DeFi solution allowing institutions and retail investors to generate additional returns on their digital assets while being critical to secure and govern networks.

Safeguarding Digital Assets with DeFi-based Insurances

With almost $2+ trillion of digital assets circulating to date, the value of investments has increased dramatically. However, there are some fundamental differences between DeFi and TradFi; putting your digital assets to work in the decentralized finance space carries underestimated and generally unpredictable risks.

Sustainability | ESG | Impact Investing

Oscillum: The intelligent label to reduce food waste

The Spanish biotech startup has developed sensors embedded in biodegradable plastic labels to monitor “product freshness” beyond expiration dates, helping consumers to avoid food waste and save money


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