Emma McGarrity

Journalist and Writer

The Big Issue, South Africa
Table Mountain untouched by New 7 Wonders of Nature legitimacy concerns

As South Africa gears up to celebrate Table Mountain’s December 1 official inauguration as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, there is still speculation around the legitimacy of the competition following misrepresentation claims and allegations of winner

The Big Issue, South Africa
Malawi backtracks on lifting homosexuality ban

Malawi’s Justice Minister has denied reports that the government has suspended anti-homosexual legislation pending a parliamentary debate on decriminalising homosexual acts, despite previously speaking out to support the move.

The Big Issue, South Africa
Vietnam's thirst for 'drink of millionaires' drives up demand

The surge in demand for rhino horn - now worth more than gold on the black market - has been fuelled by the emergence of a thriving new marketplace for it in the East: Vietnam. Here, rhino horn is not used as much for palliative traditional medicines as i

The Big Issue, South Africa
Risks emerge in popular teen acne drug which doubles as contraceptive

Diane 35 - a popular acne drug widely prescribed to young women and teenage girls - is under review by the South African Medicines Control Council (MCC) following a move to ban the drug in Frnace where it has been linked to the deaths of four women.

The Big Issue, South Africa
Inmates choice - breaking the criminal cycle

With the highest incarceration rate in Africa, South Africa’s prisons are filled to the brim with men trapped in a cycle of gangs, crime and doing time. Far from affording them the opportunity to redeem themselves, the country’s prisons — sardonically ref

The Big Issue, South Africa
Small farmers in a stir as government remains weak on tea trademark

Following a national outcry in February after the South African public discovered that a French company is attempting to trademark the name “rooibos”, Emma McGarrity travelled to the Western Cape’s red tea growing region to investigate what the impact wil

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