Emalie Cockrell

Writer and editor

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I am a writer and editor located in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas. I have five years of editing and proofreading experience, five years of academic writing and research, and three years of professional writing. I have a professional yet flexible voice that can meet a variety of writing needs. I also know the ins and outs of English grammar and mechanics (beyond the Oxford comma and splitting infinitives), and enjoy straightening out others' writing.

The Honest Kitchen Blog
Teaching Your Dog to Put Toys Away | The Honest Kitchen Blog

As a way to make your life easier, give your dog mental stimulation, and create a stronger bond with them, work on training your dog to put her own toys away. Find a box or basket to keep your dog's toys in, if they don't have one already.

Specialized Real Estate Group
One Year, One Bag of Trash - Specialized Real Estate Group

Julia Sampson, a neighbor at Willow Park Apartments, is a cornerstone of sustainability in Northwest Arkansas. She works for Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, where she helps to create innovative solutions for local farmers in thirteen southern U.S. states.

Specialized Real Estate Group
Natural is Better - Specialized Real Estate Group

To those who live at ECO Modern Flats, Tim Copeland's face is familiar and welcome. Tim is the king of horticulture, organic gardening, and native landscaping for Specialized Real Estate Group. You've seen him working hard in the garden, tending to the landscape, or sorting recycling.

The New Territory
A World of Their Own

An essay I wrote to accompany my husband's photography of fishermen in Cotter, AR.

Blue Zoo Creative
The Nonprofit Website Challenge | Blue Zoo Creative

One of our core values at Blue Zoo is encouraging community and connection, and we prioritize working that out through creating branding for nonprofit organizations. We've worked with twelve different nonprofits (and counting!) to create unique, effective digital experiences for their clients an ...

A Meditation on Transition: Diving into Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

Rachel Carson, environmentalist and author, makes a monumental call to take better care of our planet in her book, Silent Spring. She begins with a powerful meditation on the significance of transition in nature's rhythms: The history of life on earth has been a history of

Hidden Gems for Epic Hammock Camping in the Ozarks

Happy Hammock Day! Saturday, July 22 is a day dedicated to our all-time favorite way to suspend ourselves in nature. Our friends at Kammok have taken initiative to create the biggest hammock campout in American history on July 21, 2017, the eve of National Hammock Day.

Blue Zoo Creative
Content Blog #1: Why Content? | Blue Zoo Creative

What are your business goals this year? Have you reflected on how you would like to expand or improve? What more could you do to bring your vision to life? We'll give you a hint-high quality content on your website will help you do all of these things.

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