Elsa Sichrovsky 施艾芯

Freelance Writer

Location icon Taiwan

From 2011 to the present, Elsa has been writing motivational articles about personal growth, human relationships, and spiritual health. She has also written children's stories and podcasts for teenagers, and continues to seek new ways to inspire others to live life to the full.

自從2011年,艾芯就喜歡撰寫關於個人成長,人際關係和精神健康的勵志性文章。 她也會寫兒童故事與青少年播客,並繼續尋找新的方法來激勵大家過更充實的生活。

Just1Thing - Podcast - A Worthwhile Wait

David was not fretting that God had forgotten His promise to him. He was not frustrated by how many years had passed since he had been anointed king. He did not doubt the faithfulness of God. For David, it was unquestionable that God would fulfil His word, but how and when it happened was God’s business, not his. He believed that his part was to simply wait on God and to follow wherever God led him.


The difficulty of having faith actually testifies to its value. A value system that is mechanical, symmetrical, and provable through the scientific method would certainly be rational, but it would be limited to the rationality of finite human minds. Christianity does not claim to be able to present believers with succinct values and doctrines that fit neatly into preconceived ideas. Rather, it offers entry to a world beyond what I currently consider rational.

Painting a Rainbow from Life's darkest Storm

I first learned about Fu-Hua Chuang when my family and I watched a documentary that featured several severely disabled yet talented young people. I was struck by the radiant smile that seemed to illuminate her whole being, reflecting the inner beauty of her soul.

Little White Star

Another stressful, exhausting day was finally over. Frustration and fatigue hung heavily over me, a combination of hassles with my cranky computer, a gloomy sky with drizzles and chilling winds, the exasperation of burning the chicken for dinner-and a dozen other everyday annoyances. After dinner with the burnt chicken, I set out for a nearby park.

The Goodbye Song

Not long ago, I worked as a receptionist in a museum. Every day, about five minutes before closing time, the sound system would play a slow, romantic song over the museum's loudspeakers. It was a signal for us employees to gather our things, turn off lights and screens, shut down exhibits, and make our way home.

Just1Thing - Podcast - Christmas Gifts in Disguise

Many Christmases have passed since my "ruined" Christmas, and each one has been special in some way. But the memory of that Christmas stands out from the rest and remains unforgettable to me, for it was a Christmas when, wrapped in disguise of shattered hopes, misfortune, and disappointment, I received some of the most valuable Christmas gifts I could have asked for.

Not Fists - Level 2 - My Wonder Studio

Amanda fumed and knit her brow. How could Mr. Anderson have the gall to assign her and Mike to clean the classroom windows together? Certainly he could have designed a more humane punishment for their recent argument during class. He knew that they had been warring against each other from the first day of fourth grade.

Pretty Good Girl - Level 2 - My Wonder Studio

" Psst ! Over here, Elsie." Melanie pulled me to the back of the school bus. Eleven-year-olds shouldn't be pulled like that, but I loved being told secrets. "Mr. Oslin is retiring next month, and Miss Nancy wants you and me to craft a gift for him.

The End of Her Part

Vanessa waved at me as the doors shut, and I watched the train whisk away a friendship of six years. Vanessa and I had met in junior high school, and our common interest in writing stories and shared taste in novels had started an unbreakable friendship that had lasted through all the highs and lows of our teenage years.