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What is heropreneurship, and why is it a problem? - Firm Ethics - Medium

Forget being a teacher, doctor, or lawyer: the kids of today (and their parents) have other ambitions, even if they don't go quite as far as enrolling in this entrepreneurial summer camp. We have always raised aloft inspirational innovators, from Thomas Edison to Richard Branson.

World Earth Day and the Firm Ethics Manifesto - Firm Ethics - Medium

This is - and isn't - an article about World Earth Day. I won't be quoting statistics about the amount of plastic waste in our oceans (a truckload every minute), or extolling the virtues of zero-waste grocery stores - partly because I've already done both this month.

Future Content
15 key questions to ask a content marketing agency - Future Content

Choosing a content marketing agency for your business-whether outsourcing for the first time, or changing providers-is a big decision. How can you be sure you're making the right one? By asking lots of questions. Not their favourite colour*, Friday night tipple of choice**, or anything quite so contentious as ...

What is the business case for diversity? - Firm Ethics - Medium

We need to get better at diversity - at talking about it and putting it into practice. Few would deny the social, ethical, and moral drivers for equality and inclusion, but what about the business case? Mainstream media tends to use the term 'diversity' to mean race and/or gender.

How to lock in your company's social purpose with a mission-lock or B Corp

Mission-led businesses - those whose financial objectives are accompanied by a commitment to have a positive moral, social, or environmental impact -  perform better and grow up to 50% faster than traditional profit-driven startups. But as such businesses succeed and scale, how can they ensure their founding principles are not lost at sea?

Winning subject lines and how to find them: It's a Knockout

Our priority at Winbox is to make email marketing win big for your company, every time. Together we build your perfect campaign through value-driven content, well-chosen images and perfectly timed campaigns. They're the ultimate dream team - but no team is complete without a star player. In email marketing, that's the subject line.

Future Content
Content marketing for marketing managers: The complete toolbelt

Ask a marketing manager what single thing they need more of, and their answer will likely be, quite simply, time. Or coffee. And that's important: a lack of time can mean the difference between scattergun marketing and strategic success.

Post Article 50: What does a hard Brexit mean for techland?

For all the speculation and debate, it's happened. Theresa May has triggered Article 50: Britain will leave the European Union. It's no secret that the majority of techland advocated a 'Remain' result in the June 2016 referendum.

The Marketing Centre
Getting the most from your part-time marketing director

Getting the most from your part-time marketing director As a business-owner, it makes little sense to spend time and money employing a full-time marketing manager when, for broadly the same sum, your business could benefit from an industry-leading marketing director.

Cafe Asia
Seven ways to spice up your supermarket curry experience

People are seeking a more authentic experience in the food industry, consumer culture, and every aspect of life. This quest for realness is mirrored in our changing relationship with Indian food. Despite some reports to the contrary, our insatiable appetite shows no sign of waning. Rather, the way in which we eat it is changing.

Branding your app: making the most of a small screen - Calvium

App Insights Date Published: The challenge (well, one of them ) when building an app for any client is how to capture the distilled essence of your business - your brand - and express it with integrity in such a minuscule screen space.

Hosting Smarter Creative Meetings

The tenets of ideation - or 'lateral thinking' as it was originally coined - are as a considered, measured approach to creativity. But somewhere along the way, these principles have been replaced with hot air, post-it notes, and a lack of focus.

Love For The Mama
How to not suck at freelancing when you're a mother by Emma Elobeid

How to not suck at freelancing when you're a mother* *OR how to not suck at motherhood when you're a freelancer I fell into freelancing like I fell into motherhood: all at once, and with no prior strategy. Both have been empowering, transformative and, quite frankly, the happiest and har

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