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Ellie King

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Currently working as a Content Writer at the digital marketing agency BreezeMaxWeb. I graduated from Brock University and received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Popular Culture. My Portfolio has my published articles attached that have focused on events in the GTA, social issues, diversity and alternative news. I am a hard working, focused, detailed person with an outgoing personality and love for writing and journalism!

How 3D Rendering Services are Transforming Industries

Humanity is arguably the most progressive species the world has seen. History reflects on our revolutionary achievements from parietal cave drawings by our ancestors to putting a man on the moon via incredible scientific feats. As humanity evolves, our curiosity and knowledge expand and we have adapted the computer as an accessory to fuel our creative canvas.

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Save Yourself from Spear Phishing and Cyber Spies!

Learn all about espionage, spear phishing and counter-terrorism from former FBI Agent Eric O'Neill, who led the York Science Forum organized by York University. VIBE 105 has all the details.

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Celebrating Year 7 of Vaughan Film Festival!

Get all the info you need on the Vaughan International Film Festival 2019 Launch - including the nominees, seminars and performances by Canadian talent. VIBE 105 has all the details.

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Top 5 Best Short Films at VFF '19 (Int'l Block 2)

By Ellie King The Vaughan International Film Festival (VFF) held screenings of international short films at Cineplex Cinema in Vaughan from May 13 to May 16. VFF's International Block 2 featured a diverse and powerful group of films from thrillers, drama, to comedy and animation.

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Asian Heritage Month Highlight: Toronto's Own Pop Star Anjulie!

It's important to understand the history of Asian Canadians as well as the current Asian Canadians ruling the music and arts scene today. During Asian Heritage Month we highlight South-Asian Canadian Pop Sensation Anjulie! VIBE105 has all the details

VIBE 105
Remembering the Roots of African Jazz Music

The TD Toronto Jazz Festival this year showcased African-American jazz musicians, in commemoration of 400 years since the first Africans landed on North American soil. VIBE 105 has all the details.

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