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Ellie is a Bulgarian-American writer and communications specialist based in Berkeley, California. She received a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley and is working on an M.F.A. in Literary Nonfiction from Goucher College.

Rites of Global Passage

"Space flights are merely an escape, a fleeing away from oneself, because it is easier to go to Mars or to the moon than it is to penetrate one's own being."― C.G. Jung Traveling used to be a rite of passage.

70 TED Talks in 20 days: How to consume the content you care about

Published on We watch what we eat. Maybe "watch" doesn't always mean "are careful about", but it does typically mean "monitor". We typically know when we went overboard at the dessert buffet (why aren't there more of those?) or the guilty airport cheese fries.

How To Fail With Purpose: Advice from a 23-year old

In this series, professionals share what they'd do differently - and keep the same. When I was a kid I wanted to be a world explorer. Then an artist. Then a lawyer. Then an anesthesiologist.

The Daily Californian
Anti-trafficking movement is not just a trend | The Daily Californian

I had only a faint idea of what human trafficking was when I walked into the New Life Center Foundation in early 2012. The NLCF is a rehabilitative center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for young girls who have survived abuse and exploitation. Many of them have been separated from theirRead More...

Oasis Bangladesh: Focusing on Youth

Their lives are set against a dreary canvas, but the girls of Duaripara nurture vibrantly colorful dreams. It is these dreams for their lives and their growing self-confidence that have shown the way forward... The Duaripara project was initiated by Oasis Bangladesh in 2004 in order to improve the quality of life of girls and their families within the Duaripara slum community.

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